Monday, August 3, 2015


Aug. 3, 2015

HI there happy AUGUST.

Happpy birthday Blakey in just cuatro dias! Wow you are an old man. Hope you all are just enjoying summma and having a good ole time! This week wasn't anything tooo special, I do nooot like saying that because every week is spesh. This is the final week of this transfer! Weiiirrrd how fast time flies. This has been an 8 week long transfer because of the whole switcharoo with Pres Lovell and Casariego. But wow I am grateful to have been with Hna Terry because we have had so much fun and worked to well together. We also have the same time in the we have nooo idea how transfers will be next week!! I would be fine staying here in Neuquen another 6 weeks. I still feel like I have a lot to do before I leave this area. SO we will seeeee!

We are working with a few different people right now. Especially Jose! He has a baptismal date for the 29 of august...but didn't come to church sunday cause he was working. We have a lesson with him tonight. We will see how it all goes...he tells us he wants to know that the church is true, but he doesn't wanna pray in the way God has set. I don't wanna sound negative, but this work is harrrrd. Its so sad to see so many people reject the message of the restoration. Even less active yesterday this member told us he is leaving the church because he doesn't want to pay tithing. He told me and my comp that one day we would grow up and see that paying tithing is not just and is not right, that one day we would see that this church is not true basically. We just looked at him and it was so hard for me not to get sad and mad and tear up and just pour my heart out to him! YES HERMANO, this is the Lords church, and NO SIR I will never be leaving this church because its the only thing that brings true happiness into my life and I have had countless confirmations that this is the only true church upon the earth. But hey its okay every one has their agency! Its just so sad to see people reject the truth, even when they have seen a witness.

But hey I love this work and this church. I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior. I know Christ lives! He loves us. This church is so prefect and it is so evident in a person to see that they are truly disciples and living the gospel. There is nothing greater than seeing someone progress in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so true. Keep being disciples of Christ and keep letting your light shine for all to see. We are a peculiar people! Me and Hna Terry are even more peculiar here because we ride around on bikes with helmets saying hello to every person we see. hehe. Love you all! Hey sibs next week right me and send me pics okay!

Love hermana brookieboo

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