Monday, August 24, 2015

que hermosa la semana

August 24,2015
me and my fave hermana. se llama marta. ate with her evvvery saturday in my last area. gunn amiss this lady she is my grandma

me and my babies

and me and my bff hermana terrypoo with our matching argentina camisetas

the dogs had hunger so i fed them!!!!!!

HI FAM we had such a goood week lemme tell ya. This lil area of ours is being blessed. I love Roca. Every day is an adventure and the Lord is with us. So we have 3 baptisms planned for the 29 of august! next saturday, Claudio, Rocio, and Pricila!! We have so much faith that these people will really be able to reach their baptismal dates. Claudio is like a 50 year old and I LOVE HIM he is so funny and he really likes me haha. The only thing is, he does notttt believe in the BOM nor J Smith. He just cant accept it. But he comes to church and participates in the classes and knows a ton about the bible and what not, he just cant get over these doubts. Buttt he cant say that cause I know he truly hasn't read and prayed. But he will read this week and I knooow he will receive his answer. He wants to be baptized so bad! But he doesn't think he needs to know that the BOM is true. Hey keep Claudio in your prayers. He is such a good guy. Rocio is 15 and so cute. Her family members are all members of the church. SHe wants to be baptized, but I just think she is scared. But we are working oh so much with her. And then Pricila is a cute lil 8 year old who's mama is less active but we love working with her cause its so fun teaching lil kids. But guys you have no idea how much I love these three people. We were fasting on saturday, and in the evening we were walking around and I guess I just felt so close to the spirit I just started crying out of nowhere and my comp started laughing and asked whats wrong and I just said that I love these people so much and I just want them to be baptized so bad. Like I just desire their salvation! I just want them to be so happpy. I know Satan is working so hard on them cause he wants just the opposite. But the Lord is providing and Im excited for this week to see the tender mercies he will be putting in our path.

Okay do you guys remember me talking about Anyta like 7 months ago?? well she is a convert and I was with her in Cervantes. Well as I said I am back here in Roca (in the same zone) and i totally saw her yesterday at church!! I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug and she like dragged me into a room to talk to her and we just started crying! ahhh I love her so much! Seriously the best reunions happen on the mission. She's not in my ward or in my area, but I will be visiting her haha! She is so strong in the church now and maybe wants to serve a mission! SO so awesome.

Also last night we had a cool lil experience, we asked the bishop of the ward to give us priesthood blessings. This is something that our mish pres told us we should all do. SO we did, and it was so sweet! The bishop now has more confidence in us and I think could feel of our animo! I don't know how to say animo in ingles.

But yeah guys this week is gunna be such a good one! Please pray for my investigators! They need your prayers! My faith is growing so much. Im so grateful to be back here in Roca. I loove this work it is so rewarding and so great and so hard and tiring. I don't think iv e ever been more tired7had more energy in my life. If that makes sense? I sure love my fam! Cuidense mucho!! Im off to play futbol!

Hermanita Farrow

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