Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years A-coming!

Dec. 29, 2014

Christmas Eve at the Flores home.  Yummmy

HELLLO! So this is my last email of 2014 whaaaaaaaaaat?! No puedo creerlo que ya casi 2015 oh my. The time really is flying by. Only have 2 weeks left in this transfer and I will officially we finished with my training and being a babbby! Woohoo.

Don't really know what to say cause I basically said it all on Skype! Which by the way was the greatest thing in the world! I love you all so much and so glad Skype all worked out perfectly!  Prayers were def answered cause I was just hoping so badly that I'd get to talk to y'all woohoo!

Looking forward to this upcoming week! Once again we have another holiday schedule so its basically like pday on thursday for the 1st of the year! Probably be eating at a members house and playing some futbol or what not!

I love you all family! Thanks for the constant prayers and support. There is nothing like being a full time missionary for the Lord! Excited to start out this new year in argentina and am excited to make some personal goals. Keep being the amazing people you are!

loooove hermana farrow

p.s. sis cagel I got your letter! you are so sweet thank youuuuu!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Dec. 22, 2014

me and my nicauaguense sister! we found our street!!!!

and some of the elders  thought this pic was cool lol
Feliz Navidad mi familia y amigos! Les quiero muchisimo y espero que ustedes tienen una semana muy muy feliz! So another grannnnd week has passed! I cant believe its already christmas holy cowwww!

SO this week started out monday playin some futbol con mi distrito y mi hermana got kicked in the face super bad and hurt her jaw.  It had been bothering her so we went to Neuquen a few days ago to the clinica and that was quite the adventure! Haha lets just say I'm glad to be an American.  And glad to be healthy cause man this hospital was so ghetto. But turns out her jaw was only swollen and no fracture!!

So we had another intercambios this week! Hna Brotherson from Virginia came to be with me in Centenario and Hna Lopez went to Cinco Saltos. So since this was in my area I had to plan everything on my own and set up all the lessons and make all the phone calls and what not! So I for reals was relying on the spirit never like never before this day. And it is soo amazing to me the way the spirit works. as I am just able to think of a street or of someone we need to visit and turns out we end up finding their neighbors who is a less active girl whos my age and oh man we are gunna get her on a mish! or being guided directly to someone who needs help. I had the most awesome experience this day with our investigator Iniel this day too! I asked him to be baptized on the 10 of jan and he wasn't too sure about this and then all the sudden words just started flowin out as I promised him that he would be ready to be baptized on this date and was prompted to share with him about eternal families and that I also had a sis that passed away..cause his wife and son were killed..and that through making these sacred covenants without heavenly father, we will be able to see and live with our fams again. Since he is a man we taught him outside in his at times it was kinda hard to hear with al the motorcycles and cars, but in this moment as I was testifying it was just silent and the wind stopped blowing and literally I could feel the spirit enter. The spirit was undeniable and when I shared this experience with him is when he changed. He has not for sure committed to this date but I have faith and I know he's gunna get there!

I wish I could just tell you all everything because honestly there is so much to say and so much that happens here and so much I am learning. I think the thing I have learned the most in these past 4 months of being a missionary is learning how to recognize the spirit. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful gift in my life of the Holy Ghost. If you let it, the spirit truly will lead and guide you in all things. I am always amazed at how true it is that the spirit will give you the words to say in the exact moments that you need them. It is very different being away from my fam during esta epoca de la navidad. And a lil difficult too. But when I really think about it, this is the greatest gift that I am blessed to have, and give. I have come to love the power that I feel each time that I testify of our Savior Jesus Christ. The atmosphere changes when we begin teaching and testifying of Him.

Like it says in 2 Nefi 25 13, my soul delighteth to prophesy concerning Him. This is why I am out here serving a mission because there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ lives. What a blessing it is remember this time of his birth. I love this gospel and this perfect message that I have the opportunity of sharing every day. This is the greatest gift I could possibly have is to be a literal representative of Christ and wear his name above my heart.

I love you all so much! Thanks you for your examples and for being my rock. Cannot wait to Skype you all! Remember who you are and remember the nails!

Hermana Farrow

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost Christmas!

Dec. 15, 2014
Last night went to hermana margaritas house cause we knew she would make us some of her famous hot choc and homemade bread to warm us up!

It was freezing rain this week.
Me and a cute girl Mica in the ward!  She drew me a lil note after we had lunch with their family.

Okay so Christmas is next weeeek? hahah what I cannot believe it. Doesn't feel like Christmas too much here in Centenario but I love every time we sing a Christmas hymn and I get so happy every time I see someone with a lil 2 foot Christmas tree in the window!

Im gunna keep this short and I don't have too much time to write! But this week was another good one. I am starting to get more comfortable with my Castellaño so thats always goood!! and finally starting to understand the people better with that cray accent.

I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday! on the importance of members in missionary work. I was nervous cause I wanted it to be goood and wanted my spanish to be goood. my prayers were def answered and not gunna lie it was one of the best talks Ive ever given! I pretty much just put my notes down and looked out into the congregation and the words just flowed. And a nice lil detail is that the power was out yesterday so the microphone wasn't on so I had to be extra loud.

I had octopus tentacles this week for lunch so thats fun and they were actually kinda good!

This week I went to Neuquen to take care of stuff for my visa! and found out one of my comps from the mtc, hna myers went home last week from severe headaches or something so thats super sad. we have christmas with the pres and his wife thursday and have interviews so that'll be good!

All is well family! I love you all and miss you like no other. So excited to sype wooohooooo!!! The church is true. keep smilin

love, hna farrow

Monday, December 8, 2014


Dec. 8, 2014

Hellllo! Thanks for all the emails this week guys! I am smiling so big right now and even tearin up a lil reading all these! Another week has flown by oh my! I have a brand new district and we are all ready for this new transfer! Out goal is to have a baptism this transfer and I know me and my comp can do it! I don't even know where to begin the days all mush together into one!

First of all...we went to our district meeting this week and guess who I see! Hermana Katie Packard! wooohooo so I'm no longer the baby of the district. So yep shes brand new right off the plane and it was so fun getting to talk to her and catching up on life! Shes so sweet and we took a pic on her camera so hopefully she sends that to her parents so yall can see it!

All is well over here! Our investigators are progressing slowly but surely. Saturday morning I had a cool lil personal experience. We woke up 15 mins early to go on a run and then after I hopped in the shower...and I heard Hna Lopz on the phone and she told me that we need to go see a less active member cause she was having pain in her eye and wanted us to come. Not gunna lie I was a lil annoyed cause I just wanted to shower and get ready and have my personal study time and her house is the farthest street in our area and thought, what are we even gunna do for her, cant the elders just go..they re the ones with the preisthood. So I hopped outa the shower and got dressed and we were on our way. While we were walking I had a lil personal evañuation and thought wow how selfish I was being. And had the simple thought come to my mind, what would Jesus do? He wouldnt be frustrated that he had to walk 30 mins to help his friend, or wouldn't care that he didnt get to studu or that his hair was soaking wet. I felt awful and realized that this is what my whole mission is about, putting my self aside and doing as Christ would and helping others. We arrived at Ericas house and the elders gave an awesome blessing. The spirit was so strong and I felt to special that this lady thought enough of us missionaries to call us at 7 in the morning and have us help her.

I am learning so much every day and know that I am happiest when I am serving others. Little experiences everyday help me to realize my purpose as a missionary. There really are no words to describe the experiences that I have here serving the people of Centenario. I love this Christmas time and being able to share my testimony of Jesus Christ. My faith is increasing and know that it is only through faith that things come to pass. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and His hand is in out lives everyday if we have the eyes to see it.

Okay here's just some random stuff maybe yall would like to know about mi vidaaaa!
This week we saw this old lady struggling to walk into her house so we help her into her house and into her wheelchair. We asked what we can do so she gave us a huge list of stuff haha so we were mopping the floor and all that and she says to me...hey come here! so I went over to her and she said look! and stuck her tongue out at me and not gunna lie it was proably the grossest thing I have eber seen and had like green lumps haha oh my gosh. She wanted to show me that this happened from taking her pills. So that was fun haha.

Tang is actually really good and the members never fail to give us this for everrrry meal or visit. (They drink tang to make the water taste better)

We find cockroaches in our apartment and clothes so thats fun!!

I'm basically a plumber now and have mastered teh technique of sticking my hand in the tank of teh toilet and manually flushing!

Centenario has the most beautiful sunsets every day and I always think the 2nd coming is coming.

I embarrass myself at least once a day with my spanish or spilling my water or something.

Everything is better with dulce de leche!

I sleep soo good every night and we come home so exhausted, but somehow we have just enought energy to wake up and do the same thing every day!

Men are scary and whistle at us

The mission is all about awkward I fit right in!

My watch/farmers/grandma shoe tanlines are awesome.

I smile at every person I see!

Okay thats all I can think of for now! I love you all and you are all in my prayers! Especially you Grandma Moon! Love you so much! 

xoxo, Hermana Farrow

ps blake or someone can you send me the remember the nails poem plzzz!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Days!

proof that im cooking! real good food

hna hafen and i! (blonde gal) my hna leader and she goes home today! sad. she is the sweetest person in the world and i wanna be a missionary like her!

 hermana sola..shes from buenos aires and so fun. she got transferrrrred

part of my district yesterday at church! last time with them all together cause transfers today.

and hna lopez y yo con the newest missioanry, hna arce! shes off to vera cruz mexico today! love her so much,,shes gunna be the greatest missionary ever
Dec. 1, 2014

Hola Hola!! Hope yall had a fabulous thanksgiving! Looks like you did! And hey grandma Moon I love you and you are in my prayers! You are the strongest lady I know and I tell everyone about my grandma from Mexico! 

We saw miracles this week! We have a new investogator, Iniel. He is in his 70s and his wife passed away a few years ago. So we taught him Saturday and invited him to church and the lesson went really well. I wanted to see him at church so bad...cause thats been our biggest struggle is getting these investigators to church. The chapel is far and people just have a hard time giving up their sunday activities (drinking mate and watching tv haha). ANyways..<sunday mornin came around and guess who I see! Not only Iniel, but also a less active family and the husband who is not a member that we have been workin soo hard with! Ahhh I was so happy! Haha finally we are starting to see the fruits of our labors and wow is it a great feeling!

So yep I completed and survived my very first transfer wooohoo! I am still in Centenario and Hna Lopez is still my trainer! SO this is her last transfer! And we are gunna make it the best. We are pumped to work hard!

Que maaaas. Saturday night we had a lil ward party for Yenni Arce, the gal in the pic who is leaving for her mission! I honestly love this girl so much! She has come to lessons with us many times and has such a love for the gospel. She's off to Vera Crus, so I told her to find my grandmas family! Haha. On Sunday we were able to be there for her setting apart! So powerful and it remined me of the night with my whole fam en la casa de Pres Wilkinson.

Spanish is coming...a lil more each week. The accent and how crazy fast some people speak is what throws me off. Half the time I just smile and say si and nod haha. But in the lessons I can totes speak and thats what matters right?

There is a new plan for missioanries all around the world called El es la dadiva, or he is the gift. Its going all this whole christmas season! we give away 10 of these lil cards everyday in efforts to find new people to teach. There is also an awesome video that yall need to watch if you havent already! Honestly so good and invites the spirit so strong in the lessons! excited for this Christmas season and to testify of the true meaning of teh season! Kinda sad that Christmas this year is so hot and the Argentines arent suuuper into it haha but its alll good.

I am doing well familia and have a smile on my face! The work is coming along! I am beginning to love this lil town of Centenario and the people. Se que nuestro Salvador vive y mediante la fe en el, todas las cosas son posibles. Estoy muy agredecida a ser un parte de esta gran obra y por la opurtunidad a compartir my testimonio cada dia con mis hermanos y hermanas. Se que Dios is my Padre Celesial y se que su amor por nosotros es real. I love you family! Oh so much. Miss you on the daily. Keep smiling and remember the nails!

Con amor, Hermana Brookie Farrow