Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Dec. 22, 2014

me and my nicauaguense sister! we found our street!!!!

and some of the elders  thought this pic was cool lol
Feliz Navidad mi familia y amigos! Les quiero muchisimo y espero que ustedes tienen una semana muy muy feliz! So another grannnnd week has passed! I cant believe its already christmas holy cowwww!

SO this week started out monday playin some futbol con mi distrito y mi hermana got kicked in the face super bad and hurt her jaw.  It had been bothering her so we went to Neuquen a few days ago to the clinica and that was quite the adventure! Haha lets just say I'm glad to be an American.  And glad to be healthy cause man this hospital was so ghetto. But turns out her jaw was only swollen and no fracture!!

So we had another intercambios this week! Hna Brotherson from Virginia came to be with me in Centenario and Hna Lopez went to Cinco Saltos. So since this was in my area I had to plan everything on my own and set up all the lessons and make all the phone calls and what not! So I for reals was relying on the spirit never like never before this day. And it is soo amazing to me the way the spirit works. as I am just able to think of a street or of someone we need to visit and turns out we end up finding their neighbors who is a less active girl whos my age and oh man we are gunna get her on a mish! or being guided directly to someone who needs help. I had the most awesome experience this day with our investigator Iniel this day too! I asked him to be baptized on the 10 of jan and he wasn't too sure about this and then all the sudden words just started flowin out as I promised him that he would be ready to be baptized on this date and was prompted to share with him about eternal families and that I also had a sis that passed away..cause his wife and son were killed..and that through making these sacred covenants without heavenly father, we will be able to see and live with our fams again. Since he is a man we taught him outside in his at times it was kinda hard to hear with al the motorcycles and cars, but in this moment as I was testifying it was just silent and the wind stopped blowing and literally I could feel the spirit enter. The spirit was undeniable and when I shared this experience with him is when he changed. He has not for sure committed to this date but I have faith and I know he's gunna get there!

I wish I could just tell you all everything because honestly there is so much to say and so much that happens here and so much I am learning. I think the thing I have learned the most in these past 4 months of being a missionary is learning how to recognize the spirit. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful gift in my life of the Holy Ghost. If you let it, the spirit truly will lead and guide you in all things. I am always amazed at how true it is that the spirit will give you the words to say in the exact moments that you need them. It is very different being away from my fam during esta epoca de la navidad. And a lil difficult too. But when I really think about it, this is the greatest gift that I am blessed to have, and give. I have come to love the power that I feel each time that I testify of our Savior Jesus Christ. The atmosphere changes when we begin teaching and testifying of Him.

Like it says in 2 Nefi 25 13, my soul delighteth to prophesy concerning Him. This is why I am out here serving a mission because there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ lives. What a blessing it is remember this time of his birth. I love this gospel and this perfect message that I have the opportunity of sharing every day. This is the greatest gift I could possibly have is to be a literal representative of Christ and wear his name above my heart.

I love you all so much! Thanks you for your examples and for being my rock. Cannot wait to Skype you all! Remember who you are and remember the nails!

Hermana Farrow

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