Monday, January 25, 2016

My Last Transfer!!!!

Well hey there my lovely family, hows it going?  Today is transfer monday pero POR SUERTE me and hna dandaluz are staying together here in Rincon!!! Woooohooo!!!   For my last transfer OMG. How scary/exciting!! Last night as I was praying before going to bed, an awesome adrenaline was put into me and I got so excited to serve and give it my all in these last 6 weeks as a missionary! The Lord is blessing me and we have some good things/plans/goals for this transfer. We are going to see miracles! Im excited. OH first offf HAPPPY 2nd BDAY to my lil Emery baby on wednesday!!! Love you so much my sobrinita!! Cant wait to hold my lil Em and Cam!

Okay so this week has been so terribly HOT. The sun is insane and it kills. But we are still alive! We worked tons this week. One day this week, all of our lessons fell through and it was about 3 pm and we were walking around in the street trying to find people. In argentina at 3 pm, you will not find anyone because this is the time when they have their ¨siesta¨ (nap). We were a lil discouraged and hot and tired. We sat down under a tree and talked for a sec and decided, well the only thing we can do right now is pray and have faith that we will be led to an awesome person. So we did just that. After the prayer we both got the impression to contact a street. After a few houses we didnt find anyone. But then we saw this blue house!  We walked over and clapped (cause they dont have doorbells obvi). A lady named Marina walks out!  We began talking with her about God and she got tears in her eyes and invited us in. ¨Quieren pasar?¨ seriously was music to our ears and such a fast response to our prayer!  We taught her the first lesson and  she says shes been thinkin that she needs to be baptized again because her first baptism wasn't the greatest. And then at the end of the lesson....wait it gets even better..we saw a pic of a lady and she told us it was her mom. and we realized her mom is a member of our branch who was baptized a year ago! We had visited her mom a week earlier and were talking to her about sharing the gospel with her children and grandchildren, but she told us that none of them would be interested. But  little did she know that the Lord would guide us to her daughters house the week later!  WOohoo miracles are reals and theres no doubt that this is the Lords work!

Loooove my fam and friends! Wish you all a great week.

me and my comp picked a scripture to memorize and be the theme for this transfer. 2 nephi 31:20. good stuff

Monday, January 18, 2016

Busy Week

I love teaching in Rincon de los Sauces

my pals Manuel and Ana that were baptized last saturday. love em dearly!

HI FAMILY!!!!!!!! We had an awesome week!! Today marks the last week of this transfer. CRAZY how hast that one flew by. But hey I got one more left so its all good. Okay i don't have that much time to write everything but we had such a good week. Our investigators Ana and Manuel had a baptismal date for Saturday, so we were preparing them this whole week! Ana still working on some things and I was doubting that she'd be able to be baptized. But something changed. We realized that the way she would change is only through the spirit. Every lesson that we taught this week we made sure we entered and taught with the spirit. She decided to quit smoking for good and promised she wouldn't do it! The Lord is so good. Her and her son Manuel were baptized on Saturday!!! It seriously was so beautiful. I think I was the happiest person in the world to watch my friends be baptized. SO much feilicidad. Maunel is 19 and such a stud and wants to be a missionary. The spirit changes people!!

Also, hmm what else.. There's a Jehovah's witness that's like 30 and super creepy and always sees us on the street preaching and he shows us vids on his lil ipad thing haha. He came up to me one day and said I have a present for you..and gave me a bag. I opened it after he left and it was a bible guide book and a teddy bear. HAHA. oh my. at least he spends his days serving the Lord.

Rincon de los Sauces is so great. The members here are few but are the best. The branch presidency is so awesome and is happy with the work we are doing. I love this work. I just want everyone to be happy and hear about the gospel! The coolest thing about being a missionary is being able to open to door to the Celestial Kingdom for these people. It is so special to me. I love you my dear fam. Be good and trust in God!

Hermana Brookie

Monday, January 11, 2016

pon tu hombro a la lid

HI fam como estan todos? Espero que todos hayan tenido una linda semana. I know debs and kevlar did. I wanna go to the BEACH. hahaha i seriously miss swimming so much. but whatevs.

THIS WEEK WAS SO GOOD. We are just working our lil tails off, and then we wait, and the Lord provides. We have a  year old investigator named Manuel who is totally prepared! We are teaching him and his mama Ana. They both smoke :( But after we showed the restoration vid to Manuel, he decided he is never gunna smoke again! And he hasn't for 2 days now and that is so exciting! If everything goes right, they will be baptized on Saturday. Pray for them! We are preparing a few other people to be baptized the next Saturday! woohoo! hey ps before i forget..i try to send pics but it doesn't work for some reason. Sorry! just imagine me

We had a leadership council in Neuquen this week! So good to see old comps/missionary friends! Seriously so fun. The Lord has blessed me and my comp and the two elders here in Rincon de los Sauces. We are having so much success and the assistants and president were super pleased with us. We give all our success to the Lord.

I was looking back at my old diary from the MTC and first area this week. All I wanted to do was be a good lil missionary and I wanted the Lord to be pleased with me. I just wanted to help others and be so happy! And most importantly, I wanted to understand the atonement and come to know the Savior. Over these past  months i have learned so so much. I love my Savior and I will never get tired of testifying of His infinite love for us. I got emotional this morning in my personal study when I read

 3 Nephi 16   ¨ And it shall come to pass, that whoso repented and is baptized in my name shall be filled; and if he endureth to the end, behold, him will I hold guiltless before my Father at that day when I shall stand to judge the world.¨

If we are humble enough and have faith and just keep on trying, we will be able to stand before God one day, and the Savior of the world will hold us guiltless. In Spanish it says ¨innocent¨. What a miracle that is. I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember that daily repentance is what makes all the difference. I love seeing changes in others, it helps my faith grow. God lives and loves us so!

Hermana Farrow

Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Fun way to celebrate the New Year....on top of the world.

Bienvendio 2016! can you believe it we are already in a new year. how cool! hi family! I sure love and miss you! this week was a good one...full of uppppps and downs. A lot of downs, but a lot more ups!!

We had an awesome new year. We didn't get invited to eat dinner on new years eve haha its whateves . So we decided to kick it in the pensh! We took a nap and it was so great!!! Then we made a nice dinner and watched some church films hehe. Quite the party. The next day a guy in our ward took us to a cool lookout point thing on top of a mountain! super pretty!

Ahh what else. We are seeing so many miracles. Our investigators are progressing. Between us and the elders, we had 12 investigators in church yesterday! It was such a miracle and blessing! We asked ourselves yesterday walking home from church..what are we doing? and the answer is nothing! We are only striving to be obedient and follow the spirit and the Lord is providing. We owe all our success to Him. He wants His children to progress and He sure is blessing this lil town! We have an awesome lady named Ana who is so darling. We watched the restoration movie with her last night and she was so cute and said that she wanted to cry when Joseph had his vision. She accepted a baptismal date for jan 16 and we are stoked. One of our invest, Karla, is 20 and just had a baby and went to church for the 2nd time yesterday. She told us she feels like her faith is growing! She just needs to get married to her boyfriend or move out before she can get baptized. Others are progressing too and we are so excited.

Hey so this morn we went to the doc again and i had to do some poop tests! and then some blood work too. the results wont get here til Friday, sooo next Wednesday i will be meeting with the specialist again once these results are in. We went to the doctor last Wednesday and he says its not a good sign that my dad has colitis. THANKS DAD! hehe. he told me my intestines are not properly functioning...due to stress. so he told me they gotta do some more tests to figure things out. don't wanna scare yall...but just so ya know! the Doctor was not supper nice and it made me so sad haha. i have never been more scared in my life as i went into take xrays and what not of my stomach. I totes started crying there in the hospital to myself! just cause like when have i ever been to the hospital, for MYSELF: let alone here in argie without my mama. But the Lord is so generous and full of love. I have never been so scared/so comforted in one day! I know that all will be well. I love you all and know that i am working so dang hard. I am seeing myself grow with my investigators. Blake is right, that the Lord really does bless you at the end of your mission. physically, spiritually. The atonement is changing me little by little.

Pres Eyring said that as you serve others for Him (the Lord), He lets you feel His love. And in time, feeling of charity become part of your very nature.

It is oh so true. Let us all strive to have charity. Service is the best medicine.
I'm excited to sit down today and make some nice goals. I so badly want to put into practice what i am learning now into la vida normal after the mish. I love you all!

Hermana Farrow