Monday, January 25, 2016

My Last Transfer!!!!

Well hey there my lovely family, hows it going?  Today is transfer monday pero POR SUERTE me and hna dandaluz are staying together here in Rincon!!! Woooohooo!!!   For my last transfer OMG. How scary/exciting!! Last night as I was praying before going to bed, an awesome adrenaline was put into me and I got so excited to serve and give it my all in these last 6 weeks as a missionary! The Lord is blessing me and we have some good things/plans/goals for this transfer. We are going to see miracles! Im excited. OH first offf HAPPPY 2nd BDAY to my lil Emery baby on wednesday!!! Love you so much my sobrinita!! Cant wait to hold my lil Em and Cam!

Okay so this week has been so terribly HOT. The sun is insane and it kills. But we are still alive! We worked tons this week. One day this week, all of our lessons fell through and it was about 3 pm and we were walking around in the street trying to find people. In argentina at 3 pm, you will not find anyone because this is the time when they have their ¨siesta¨ (nap). We were a lil discouraged and hot and tired. We sat down under a tree and talked for a sec and decided, well the only thing we can do right now is pray and have faith that we will be led to an awesome person. So we did just that. After the prayer we both got the impression to contact a street. After a few houses we didnt find anyone. But then we saw this blue house!  We walked over and clapped (cause they dont have doorbells obvi). A lady named Marina walks out!  We began talking with her about God and she got tears in her eyes and invited us in. ¨Quieren pasar?¨ seriously was music to our ears and such a fast response to our prayer!  We taught her the first lesson and  she says shes been thinkin that she needs to be baptized again because her first baptism wasn't the greatest. And then at the end of the lesson....wait it gets even better..we saw a pic of a lady and she told us it was her mom. and we realized her mom is a member of our branch who was baptized a year ago! We had visited her mom a week earlier and were talking to her about sharing the gospel with her children and grandchildren, but she told us that none of them would be interested. But  little did she know that the Lord would guide us to her daughters house the week later!  WOohoo miracles are reals and theres no doubt that this is the Lords work!

Loooove my fam and friends! Wish you all a great week.

me and my comp picked a scripture to memorize and be the theme for this transfer. 2 nephi 31:20. good stuff

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