Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Fun way to celebrate the New Year....on top of the world.

Bienvendio 2016! can you believe it we are already in a new year. how cool! hi family! I sure love and miss you! this week was a good one...full of uppppps and downs. A lot of downs, but a lot more ups!!

We had an awesome new year. We didn't get invited to eat dinner on new years eve haha its whateves . So we decided to kick it in the pensh! We took a nap and it was so great!!! Then we made a nice dinner and watched some church films hehe. Quite the party. The next day a guy in our ward took us to a cool lookout point thing on top of a mountain! super pretty!

Ahh what else. We are seeing so many miracles. Our investigators are progressing. Between us and the elders, we had 12 investigators in church yesterday! It was such a miracle and blessing! We asked ourselves yesterday walking home from church..what are we doing? and the answer is nothing! We are only striving to be obedient and follow the spirit and the Lord is providing. We owe all our success to Him. He wants His children to progress and He sure is blessing this lil town! We have an awesome lady named Ana who is so darling. We watched the restoration movie with her last night and she was so cute and said that she wanted to cry when Joseph had his vision. She accepted a baptismal date for jan 16 and we are stoked. One of our invest, Karla, is 20 and just had a baby and went to church for the 2nd time yesterday. She told us she feels like her faith is growing! She just needs to get married to her boyfriend or move out before she can get baptized. Others are progressing too and we are so excited.

Hey so this morn we went to the doc again and i had to do some poop tests! and then some blood work too. the results wont get here til Friday, sooo next Wednesday i will be meeting with the specialist again once these results are in. We went to the doctor last Wednesday and he says its not a good sign that my dad has colitis. THANKS DAD! hehe. he told me my intestines are not properly functioning...due to stress. so he told me they gotta do some more tests to figure things out. don't wanna scare yall...but just so ya know! the Doctor was not supper nice and it made me so sad haha. i have never been more scared in my life as i went into take xrays and what not of my stomach. I totes started crying there in the hospital to myself! just cause like when have i ever been to the hospital, for MYSELF: let alone here in argie without my mama. But the Lord is so generous and full of love. I have never been so scared/so comforted in one day! I know that all will be well. I love you all and know that i am working so dang hard. I am seeing myself grow with my investigators. Blake is right, that the Lord really does bless you at the end of your mission. physically, spiritually. The atonement is changing me little by little.

Pres Eyring said that as you serve others for Him (the Lord), He lets you feel His love. And in time, feeling of charity become part of your very nature.

It is oh so true. Let us all strive to have charity. Service is the best medicine.
I'm excited to sit down today and make some nice goals. I so badly want to put into practice what i am learning now into la vida normal after the mish. I love you all!

Hermana Farrow

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