Monday, July 27, 2015

Los mejores dias!

just one of the many days our bikes broke down hahah thats what you get when you buy a bike for 600 pesos

just me and my cat friend

birthday asado we had today with Hermano Hugo!! celebrating me and elder martinez bday haha. yay for aging

July 27th, 2015


Thanks for all the bday wishes!! I definitely feel loved and special hehe. Super different having a bday on the mish! But I was definitely treated well...the whole zone got together this morn and we had a lil activity and then for lunch we all went to a members home and ate asado (every kinda of meat you can think of) and a huuuge cake. So much fun.

Soo where to begin. We started out this week getting a call from the APs that right away  we needed to go help some hermanas in our zone who were not getting along at all and like fighting and stuff. soo we went on exchanges with them for like 2 days. I tried my best in following the spirit in what to say to these missionaries, cause I do notttt like drama and cause Ive never really had girlfriends that do drama????. But everything worked out and things are better between them. It was so hard for me to not  just say, you guys are missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ!  The mission isn't supposed to be easy!  Suck it up and get to work...but I didn't say that haha.

Oh also this week I decided to start the book of mormon over again. I found this manual in the apartment that I am studying from and maaaaaannn do I love my personal study time! I learn so much and things from the scriptures just amaze me and make me so happy!! Like the other day, I learned that in 1 Nephi 13 v 12 it totes talks about Christopher Columbus!! Like whaaat hahaha I was so surprised and things like this happen on the daily. The book of Mormon is just oh so true and happy.

Theres like cute girl named M`len who is an old investigator who had a baby this week! The thing is she's 17 (which is totes normal to be having babes). And her poor lil baby has complications. We went to go visit them in the hospital this week! The lil girl os so tiny and cutie! She was just in a lil incubator and it was so sad to see all these lil babies lined up in their incubators. Hospitals are scary here haha but this little baby is getting better! Maybe this trial will help M'len realize that she needs the gospel in her life.

We have this new investigator named Jose who is like 45 years old and super sweet, He has a few lil problems in his head and is a lil slow, but is suuuper smart and knows the Bible like no other. He has a baptismal date for the 22 of Aug! But he's like super protestant and did not want to come to church at all. But then saturday night he totally texted us and asked what he needs to wear to come to church!! So he came to church the next morn! Woooohoo. But after church, we asked him if he liked it, and he said mas o menos. and were like why?! And as a ward, we have an activity on wednesday to play some soccer and stuff and obvi he was invited, and he told us that was so wrong to do, and that in the Bible it says you cant play sports. Hahha so Im not too sure where that verse is found. But on the bright side, we have an appointment with him tomorrow again! Keep Jose in your prayers!

OKay fam sorry my emails haven't been tooo detailed, I hope that one was a lil better! Im excited for a new upcoming week. Its so nice to be able to have a new week and a new chance to try again and be a little better. I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, and for his perfect example. I am not a perfect person or missionary, but I am sure striving to be more like Him! I love Him, and His perfect gospel that I have the chance to declare! Know that I am doing great and striving to be the missionary that you are praying for me to be. I love it here. I am having experiences and learning more than I ever would have in any other place. It is just so cool to be able to talk to strangers and bare my little testimony with them each day. I wish we could all just be missionaries for ever and ever hehe. But hey we can because we are members of the true church and its part of out baptismal covenants to share the go do it! I love you all! Thx for all the bday wishes! Im 20 omg! Love, Hermana Farrow

Monday, July 20, 2015

News of the Week!

Fun times on the bikes...looking for helmets!

Crazy that this Sister missionary knows Elder Clingo!

twins and we all have the same birthday
Me doing some studying!

July 20, 2015

Hey fam!
hows it goiiing! Que loco another week has already passed! Cant believe it! Hey thanks for the cute birthday video you sent! The Hna Marisol from the ward thought my bday was on the 17 and not the 27, so she totally made me a cake and what not haha! So sweet of her. good try Marisol jk. So yeah not to much news this weeek! We have bikes and it is so fun hahaha every stares at us even more and we are in the process of finding helmets! SO now they will stare and laugh even more haha but we have so much fun it doesn't matter!

I did intercambios with a cute hermana, hna Huisar from T.J.! So fun talking about the San Diego temple and mexican food cravings that we share. I asked if she knew Jacob Clingo and she freaked out and was like omg yessss! She said he sings so well and they filmed him singing a christmas song and her and her sisters always listen to it haha. Hey so hey Jacob if your reading this, she says you have a voice of an angel and that you were such a great missionary! Her names Aurora Huisar del Barrio Villas del bosque, de la estaca florido!

Guys I learning so much. This work I really learned that there is an opposition in all things. I was reading in Joseph  Smith history this week, and even right before he saw the pillar of light, right before the moment that the world was about to change, the advisary was present! He was attacked with the most awful thoughts and feelings and darkness. BUT he had faith and kept offering his prayer and in the moment when he thought he could not push a little farther, is when the Father and the Son appeared to him. This is just the same in each of our daily lives. There is opposition in all things!! But ya know what, we have the great gift of agency to choose if we will let that take us down into the depths of sorrow, or even into the depths of having a bad attitude, orrr we can choose to put a smile on our face. I have definitely experience both sides, and I can tell ya that when we choose to be happy, everything else just seems to falls right into its place. What I have learned is that God has a plan, it is so perfect and He is present in the details of our lives. He loves us more that we can comprehend and I just love Him and the gospel of His son.

Dangit Im out of time to tell ya everything but it okay haha just know that I am doing greeeat and happy. I love my comp and we are just working and working. We see the tender mercies of the Lord in the lives of others an in ours each and every day. Go read 2 nephi 2 about the opposition! love you so much!

ps me and my desk

and me and these cute gals aldana and sofia! they are  twins  and we all have the same birthday! yeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Week

Random photo shoot after church yesterday!

Hermana Terry and Farrow

our bffs elders valenzuela and carrol after church yesterday
July 13, 2015

hi guysssss!

Oh man I have so much to say! but like no time woops. But hey this week has just been so great!!  We had a meeting with Pres Casariego this week and with all the leaders!  He's soo awesome and is so excited to get workin.  Hey,  go read the talk Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Gene R Cook. In this talk he talks about a missionary who had so much faith and like changed the mission in paraguay....anyways turns out this missionary bro cook is talking about is my mish pres!! soo sweet. So we have new changes in the mish and everyone is so stoked!! Like we can drink mate cocido now! Ask Garret what that is. and we can drink Coke haha and a few other changes.  We had zone training this week, and it was my first as being an hna leader, so i was a little nervous but it all went so well. Its fun being a leader and working with the zone leaders and making the zone hyppped about the work! We have a goal to have 31 baptisms in August! vamosssss! Also, this morning we called prez to ask permission to use bikes because our area is so big and he was all for it! So we are stoked and gunna be 2 sister missionaries on bikes with lil helmets haha!  We are borrowing them from members in the ward.

Oh guys guess my vision kinda has been super bad like I can't see far away things, and even  when we are singing in a lesson, I cant see the words in the hymn book. SO we went to the eye doctor this week to get them checked and he's  like yeah you have astigmatisms in your probs should have got glasses 7 years ago. HAHA who knew! SO yep I got glasses the next day and I gotta wear them all day every day. And its amazing I can totes see...the world is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Okay also we saw real miracles this week. Like I said we had a zone training. And part of this was that the baptismal font in the chapel was filled, and as a zone, we all went out on the streets looking for people for about 10 mins to come in to see the font, and then we would talk and set a baptismal date with them. Soo me and Hermana  Terry went out looking and looking and everyone did not have  have time. But we went into this park and and started talkin to a groupo of boys and they were all smoking and being weirdosss but then this one guy daniel was actually like interested. So after talking he finally decided to come into the church with us. We entered the room with the font filled and we started talking to him about life and his goals. He said he is super sick and doesn't have kidneys and all this stuff. He believes in Jesus Christ and wants to change his life, and he accepted a date for the 25 of July!! The elders gave him a priesthood blessing after and this guys totally changed and was so happy and filled with peace. Turns out he doesn' t live in our area, but it was such a miracle to find this lost sheep. Elders in another area will be working with him! We also have this AWESOME investigator named Debora, we call her debo. Im like omg thats my moms name. Anyways, she is soo cool! 23 years old and her sister,  Yanet, is less active we are workin with and one of my bffs here. She is so smart and wants to be baptized, but hasn't received an answer if the church is true yet. We teach her English too and oh man I love her so much. Keep Debo in your prayers! We are seeing miracles every day here its so amazing. This is the Lords work and there is no better feeling than coming home after a long freezing day, so dead tired, but just knowing that I was an instrument in the Lords hands that day. I am striving to be obedient..I have weaknesses that the Lord shows to me each day, like in ether 12 27, but I know He gives them to me so that I can become stronger and help others with their problems. I love being a missionary and I never wanna not be a missionary cause there really is nothing better haha. Love you all! Thanks for being the best fam. Thanks mom and dad for raising us in the church, so that one day too I can have an eternal family and teach my children in a home based upon the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and I love Him! Have a great week and trust in Him. He is there and beacons us to come unto Him, even if its one imperfect step at a time. Keep smiling and know that I am oh so well!

Monday, July 6, 2015


July 6, 2015
me and hna katie packard on exchanges this week!

yo consolando un perrito amigo en la calle!!

hi yall happy Independence dayz lol! so I love you guys so much! this week was a great one! so first, lil shout out to baby brin for getting knocked in the cabeza these week! tough lil girl. another long week has passed down here in the patagonia! sure was a real good one!

So on Tuesday this week we didn't have lunch with a member, so we decided we were gunna make some we decided to boil some beans on the stove, and then leave to go do contacts, and then we were gunna come back so theyd be just fresh and ready to eat!! So we were just contacting...and we both got some lil promptings from the spirit to go back to check on the beans, but we were having a lot of success, so we thought it was fine. SO anyways, like 3 hours later we come back with a apartment fullllll of smoke. i was surprised it didnt burn down hahaha. and the fire alarm thing didnt even go off, so that just goes to show how safe it is haha. but anyways crazyyy stuffff! Everytime we come home to the apartment now its like walkin into a casino haha. its bad. but we learned our lesson to never leave beans cooking and to always listen to the spirit!

Also this week I went to Hna Packards area and we spent the whole daytoghther just workin no mas! shes a superb missionary and just has no fear! shes a good example to me and it was fun catching up and telling old san marcos stories.

Soo like I said before, we are now workin in 2 areas, so our area is gigantooo. So we decided to contact some super rich crazy nice neighborhoods. And like for the most part, people weren't super nice and we kinda stuck up and what not, buuut we did find this super sweet fam!!! They are from buenos aires and have 3 boys and the kids are all super respectful..which is like hard to find from Argentine boys lol but for real. So yeahhh that was exciting! We also found another fam who lives in a more humble house and they are coool and we are gunna work with them more this week.

So ya know how argentina is super big with futbol. Well there was a soccer game between arge and chile this week on Saturday! And Chile and arge are like super rivals, so we had to stay inside the apartment for those few hours during the game haha. Casue the people get pretty cray. Chile won btw. Alsoooo it was my first 4th of july wearing a scarf! me and my comp dressed up in twinsie outfits. and then today on our pday us and the district celebrated and grilled up some hot dogs and french fries and salads and had a nice American bbq! fun stuffff. love my district

annnnd last but not least, our new Pres has arrived! President Casariego! from uruguaY! hes so great and chillll haha. I got to talk to him for a good 5 mins this week and he was so stoked I'm from sandy eggo and hes like oh we've been there a few times! We love the temple there! hes super great and so pumped to be here.

I cant think of too much other stufffs to tell ya guys! I hope oyu have an awesome week. We have a big meeting tomorrow with the leaders of the mish so that will be exciting! dang i wish i could just give you all the details, but that will just have to wait. Just know I am happy and do so well! love you all. and hey brit,,,thanks for that onion email! love you so much sister!

Loves, hermana Farrow