Monday, July 6, 2015


July 6, 2015
me and hna katie packard on exchanges this week!

yo consolando un perrito amigo en la calle!!

hi yall happy Independence dayz lol! so I love you guys so much! this week was a great one! so first, lil shout out to baby brin for getting knocked in the cabeza these week! tough lil girl. another long week has passed down here in the patagonia! sure was a real good one!

So on Tuesday this week we didn't have lunch with a member, so we decided we were gunna make some we decided to boil some beans on the stove, and then leave to go do contacts, and then we were gunna come back so theyd be just fresh and ready to eat!! So we were just contacting...and we both got some lil promptings from the spirit to go back to check on the beans, but we were having a lot of success, so we thought it was fine. SO anyways, like 3 hours later we come back with a apartment fullllll of smoke. i was surprised it didnt burn down hahaha. and the fire alarm thing didnt even go off, so that just goes to show how safe it is haha. but anyways crazyyy stuffff! Everytime we come home to the apartment now its like walkin into a casino haha. its bad. but we learned our lesson to never leave beans cooking and to always listen to the spirit!

Also this week I went to Hna Packards area and we spent the whole daytoghther just workin no mas! shes a superb missionary and just has no fear! shes a good example to me and it was fun catching up and telling old san marcos stories.

Soo like I said before, we are now workin in 2 areas, so our area is gigantooo. So we decided to contact some super rich crazy nice neighborhoods. And like for the most part, people weren't super nice and we kinda stuck up and what not, buuut we did find this super sweet fam!!! They are from buenos aires and have 3 boys and the kids are all super respectful..which is like hard to find from Argentine boys lol but for real. So yeahhh that was exciting! We also found another fam who lives in a more humble house and they are coool and we are gunna work with them more this week.

So ya know how argentina is super big with futbol. Well there was a soccer game between arge and chile this week on Saturday! And Chile and arge are like super rivals, so we had to stay inside the apartment for those few hours during the game haha. Casue the people get pretty cray. Chile won btw. Alsoooo it was my first 4th of july wearing a scarf! me and my comp dressed up in twinsie outfits. and then today on our pday us and the district celebrated and grilled up some hot dogs and french fries and salads and had a nice American bbq! fun stuffff. love my district

annnnd last but not least, our new Pres has arrived! President Casariego! from uruguaY! hes so great and chillll haha. I got to talk to him for a good 5 mins this week and he was so stoked I'm from sandy eggo and hes like oh we've been there a few times! We love the temple there! hes super great and so pumped to be here.

I cant think of too much other stufffs to tell ya guys! I hope oyu have an awesome week. We have a big meeting tomorrow with the leaders of the mish so that will be exciting! dang i wish i could just give you all the details, but that will just have to wait. Just know I am happy and do so well! love you all. and hey brit,,,thanks for that onion email! love you so much sister!

Loves, hermana Farrow

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