Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Week

Random photo shoot after church yesterday!

Hermana Terry and Farrow

our bffs elders valenzuela and carrol after church yesterday
July 13, 2015

hi guysssss!

Oh man I have so much to say! but like no time woops. But hey this week has just been so great!!  We had a meeting with Pres Casariego this week and with all the leaders!  He's soo awesome and is so excited to get workin.  Hey,  go read the talk Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Gene R Cook. In this talk he talks about a missionary who had so much faith and like changed the mission in paraguay....anyways turns out this missionary bro cook is talking about is my mish pres!! soo sweet. So we have new changes in the mish and everyone is so stoked!! Like we can drink mate cocido now! Ask Garret what that is. and we can drink Coke haha and a few other changes.  We had zone training this week, and it was my first as being an hna leader, so i was a little nervous but it all went so well. Its fun being a leader and working with the zone leaders and making the zone hyppped about the work! We have a goal to have 31 baptisms in August! vamosssss! Also, this morning we called prez to ask permission to use bikes because our area is so big and he was all for it! So we are stoked and gunna be 2 sister missionaries on bikes with lil helmets haha!  We are borrowing them from members in the ward.

Oh guys guess my vision kinda has been super bad like I can't see far away things, and even  when we are singing in a lesson, I cant see the words in the hymn book. SO we went to the eye doctor this week to get them checked and he's  like yeah you have astigmatisms in your probs should have got glasses 7 years ago. HAHA who knew! SO yep I got glasses the next day and I gotta wear them all day every day. And its amazing I can totes see...the world is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Okay also we saw real miracles this week. Like I said we had a zone training. And part of this was that the baptismal font in the chapel was filled, and as a zone, we all went out on the streets looking for people for about 10 mins to come in to see the font, and then we would talk and set a baptismal date with them. Soo me and Hermana  Terry went out looking and looking and everyone did not have  have time. But we went into this park and and started talkin to a groupo of boys and they were all smoking and being weirdosss but then this one guy daniel was actually like interested. So after talking he finally decided to come into the church with us. We entered the room with the font filled and we started talking to him about life and his goals. He said he is super sick and doesn't have kidneys and all this stuff. He believes in Jesus Christ and wants to change his life, and he accepted a date for the 25 of July!! The elders gave him a priesthood blessing after and this guys totally changed and was so happy and filled with peace. Turns out he doesn' t live in our area, but it was such a miracle to find this lost sheep. Elders in another area will be working with him! We also have this AWESOME investigator named Debora, we call her debo. Im like omg thats my moms name. Anyways, she is soo cool! 23 years old and her sister,  Yanet, is less active we are workin with and one of my bffs here. She is so smart and wants to be baptized, but hasn't received an answer if the church is true yet. We teach her English too and oh man I love her so much. Keep Debo in your prayers! We are seeing miracles every day here its so amazing. This is the Lords work and there is no better feeling than coming home after a long freezing day, so dead tired, but just knowing that I was an instrument in the Lords hands that day. I am striving to be obedient..I have weaknesses that the Lord shows to me each day, like in ether 12 27, but I know He gives them to me so that I can become stronger and help others with their problems. I love being a missionary and I never wanna not be a missionary cause there really is nothing better haha. Love you all! Thanks for being the best fam. Thanks mom and dad for raising us in the church, so that one day too I can have an eternal family and teach my children in a home based upon the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and I love Him! Have a great week and trust in Him. He is there and beacons us to come unto Him, even if its one imperfect step at a time. Keep smiling and know that I am oh so well!

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