Monday, July 20, 2015

News of the Week!

Fun times on the bikes...looking for helmets!

Crazy that this Sister missionary knows Elder Clingo!

twins and we all have the same birthday
Me doing some studying!

July 20, 2015

Hey fam!
hows it goiiing! Que loco another week has already passed! Cant believe it! Hey thanks for the cute birthday video you sent! The Hna Marisol from the ward thought my bday was on the 17 and not the 27, so she totally made me a cake and what not haha! So sweet of her. good try Marisol jk. So yeah not to much news this weeek! We have bikes and it is so fun hahaha every stares at us even more and we are in the process of finding helmets! SO now they will stare and laugh even more haha but we have so much fun it doesn't matter!

I did intercambios with a cute hermana, hna Huisar from T.J.! So fun talking about the San Diego temple and mexican food cravings that we share. I asked if she knew Jacob Clingo and she freaked out and was like omg yessss! She said he sings so well and they filmed him singing a christmas song and her and her sisters always listen to it haha. Hey so hey Jacob if your reading this, she says you have a voice of an angel and that you were such a great missionary! Her names Aurora Huisar del Barrio Villas del bosque, de la estaca florido!

Guys I learning so much. This work I really learned that there is an opposition in all things. I was reading in Joseph  Smith history this week, and even right before he saw the pillar of light, right before the moment that the world was about to change, the advisary was present! He was attacked with the most awful thoughts and feelings and darkness. BUT he had faith and kept offering his prayer and in the moment when he thought he could not push a little farther, is when the Father and the Son appeared to him. This is just the same in each of our daily lives. There is opposition in all things!! But ya know what, we have the great gift of agency to choose if we will let that take us down into the depths of sorrow, or even into the depths of having a bad attitude, orrr we can choose to put a smile on our face. I have definitely experience both sides, and I can tell ya that when we choose to be happy, everything else just seems to falls right into its place. What I have learned is that God has a plan, it is so perfect and He is present in the details of our lives. He loves us more that we can comprehend and I just love Him and the gospel of His son.

Dangit Im out of time to tell ya everything but it okay haha just know that I am doing greeeat and happy. I love my comp and we are just working and working. We see the tender mercies of the Lord in the lives of others an in ours each and every day. Go read 2 nephi 2 about the opposition! love you so much!

ps me and my desk

and me and these cute gals aldana and sofia! they are  twins  and we all have the same birthday! yeeeeeeeeeee

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