Monday, February 29, 2016

tengo gozo en mi alma!

 GOING TO MISS THESE LETTERS!!!!  This is her last one!!!  We will see her in 7 days;)
we went to a dinosaur museum last mondaY!!!!!!

knock and ye shall recieve lol

Hi family! I love you all. I am so happy

Just want you all to know that I know God lives!! This is His work. I am His servant and missionary. And I have had the most incredible experience laboring in His vineyard in these past 18 months! Argentina is a Holy land. I am so blessed! We had such a goood week! We bussed it over to Neuquen on Wednesday to watch a broadcast from Buenos Aires. Elder Bednar spoke to all the misisonaries in argie, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. He is so awesome and filled me with peace and joyyy!! The spirit definitely taught me a bunch of things as I listened to him speak. One thing that hit me is that our investigators are AGENTS, not objects. Sometimes I forget that they have agency and I want them to progress and understand everything at once. But if that happened, they would never learn the principle of faith, nor would they go through the process of conversion and their change would not last. I am learning the importance of praying with real intention (for myself and investigators). Real intention means that we are not only desirous to receive and answer from God, but that we are willing to act according to what we receive. Jospeh Smith didn't go to the sacred grove to pray to know which church was true, he went to pray to know which curch was true so he COULD JOIN IT.!!! Faith requires action! I have been humbled this week as I have received answers to my prayers and pleadings. I love the Lord!

We are workin to hard with Jose!! He has so much potential and will some day be a leader in the church here in Rincon. He just lacks faith and hasn't recognized that God is speaking to him! The Lord works little by little and the gospel is simple. I think we are the ones who complicate things and fail to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives. We have a plan to share D & C 6 with him tonight...when Christ speaks to Oliver Cowdrey and tells him to think back to that night when he felt peace in his heart! There is no greater witness than the peace we feel. We just gotta be humble. Sorry I don't really know where this email is going. Theres a bunch of things on my mind haha. Pero mas que nada I am just so happy and feel so at peace! GUYS I cant believe the most incredible chapter of my life is coming to an end! So bittersweet. My heart is full of gratitude towards my Father in Heaven for all of the things He has allowed to learn, for allowing me to be part of the conversion of His children, for His trust in me, for allowing me to see miracles day after day and for teaching me the importance of service. I love being a missionary. I truly do and I have been blessed in ways I never thought were possible. Thank you mom and dad for giving me this chance to serve my brothers and sisters. There is nothing greater than being in the service of God as a full time missionary. En serio. I could go on and on. But I´ll save that for when I see yall in person! The church is true! I love you all! Thanks for bein faithful and writing me and not leavin me sola. NOS VEMOS MUY PRONTITO! LES AMO!!!

Hermanita Farrow

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blazing the Trail

Down to one more letter.  This was to me one of the best letters we've ever received from her. 

HELLLO dear family. we had such a great week! Seriously we are seeing miracles. its SO COOOL and exciting. The Lord loves us :) okay so my Heavenly Father is helping me out a lot by allowing me to see my weaknesses and giving me trials. I am such an imperfect person. The Lord is molding me into someone more like His perfect son Jesus Christ. I am learning so much as I recognize my sins and mistakes that I make each day, as little or as big as they may be. I absolutely love serving Gods children. it makes so so happy.

Our investigator Jose now has come to church 6 times. He is so special. He says he will be baptized when he receives an answer if the church is true. The thing is....he has ALREADY received that answer. The whole last week we talked to him about revelation and the way the spirit works and how the Lord answers our prayers. His heart is changing! We fasted for him yesterday. He alos attempted to fast. He has a baptismal date for next saturday the 27. I am determined that the Lord will put an answer or a feeling or something into his heart this week! I know He will.

We also met some sweeeeet people this week! Basically, they contacted us. This man named Hector was walking towards us on the street and passed us...then came back and asked if we were missionaries from the iglasia de jesucristo de los santos de los ULTIMOS TIEMPOS haha lol but we were like yesssss we sure are!! he is super interested in the mormon religion and we totally gave him a BOM. This whole week he has texted us and told us he's reading it along with the Bible, and this morn he texted us and said he wants us to come over and help with his doubts! wooohoo. We have a new investigator named Nury from the dominican rep and she's so cool and used to go to church back in her country. she came with us to church yesterday! We taught the young women's class yesterday about treating our body like a temple. Made me miss my sweet lil hermanitas at home and also my lil beehives that i used to teach way back when. I am doing great and im very happy. just boppin along here in rincon de los sauces! I love you and wish you a marvelous week. remember who loves ya! (me hehe) and jesus

Hermana Farrow

just some pics from yesterday. we had lunch with our investigator Jose and his fam after church!

this is just me manning the asado. look at all thats yummmmy meat :D

Monday, February 15, 2016

otra semana ya paso

me and some of my hermana friends!!! remember hermana the middle..she was my comp back in Neuquen when we skyped on mothers day

hike on our pday to el Cristo

view of rincon de los sauces

just me posing on a hot summer day lol
Two more pdays folks.....and we will be with our daughter.  A day does not go by that I am just day dreaming of just staring at her and hugging her and talking to her!!!!!   Love this sweet missionary of mine. We move on the 1st of March, head to Argentina on the 4th, come home to SD on the 15th....have her homecoming on the 20th.   Crazy timing, right!!!!!!  

Enjoy one of the last letter;)....gunna miss these for sure!

Well hi there. Happy valentines day yesterday mis amores! Hope y'all ate some good crab and kept the farrow tradition going. remember when you guys all ate the crab and I ate like chicken nuggets or something hahaha oh man. BUENO we had a gooood week!! We had zone training this week here in rincon de los sauces. The zone all came and we had a good time! Being a leader in the mission helps me a lot. I cant just bear testimony about something...i have to live it and have to apply the things i am telling others to do. We had such a good conference all together. At the end, the zone leaders asked me to bare my final testimony in front of the zone :( the craziest and most peaceful feeling were going through my mind and heart. I literally never thought these days would come when I would be finishing the mission. Haha so hard to explain but im sure others can relate. Such an honor baring testimony of my Savior and His work to my fellllow missionaries! Coolest experience that i´ll remember forever.

My comp and I are doing well and just working so hard. The Lord blesses me with the ability to focus on my investigators. Our investigator Jose who's 19 is so grrreat but we have kinda hit a brick wall with him! Its been so hard because he hasn't received a confirmation from the spirit yet. he read past 2nd Nephi in one week. He so badly wants to FEEEEEL something for himself. I know that through his patience and verdarera intencion en sus oraciones he will be able to feel something. Yesterday in church he told us that once he receives his answer, he will be baptized :)

Love you my dear fam.

went on a lil run/hike to the CRISTO this morn! fitness

Monday, February 1, 2016

Love being a Missionary

and me and my cute friends mariapaz and ludmila!! we talked about the importance of prayer yesterday, so they insisted we do a prayer pose
kickin it in argie
HEY family!!! Oh how I love you all! thank you for the emails!

hahaha I am here laughing because I think everyone of you in these past few weeks have told me you've had a dream about me. I feel so special! thanks for thinking/dreaming about me.  Man this week was gooood. Seriously these weeks are flying by and so much good stuff is going dowwwwwnn! We met some fantastic nuevos investigadores esta semana. The cutest lil 11 year old girl who is oh so prepared. She is reading teh BOM every day and wants us to come by eveyrday to teach her. Her parents are not too fond of listening to what we have to share, which makes me soo sad because they are robbing their daughter of so many amazing blessing by  not letting her come to church. But its okay tengamos fe!

Last night we had a lesson with the  lil bro of our invstogators that were baptized. He's 16 and so great but has soo many issues its so sad. He has so many doubts about the bom and jospeh smith. The spirit totes left the much contention. I've leared the only effective thing we can do in these moments is to testify of the truthfulness of our message. People can argue all they want, but when it comes to a testimony, theres not much more to say.

I LOVE BEIN A MISSIONARY its so fun and stressful but so great. I wish You all a great week. sorry this email is so lame

hermana farrow!!!