Monday, February 1, 2016

Love being a Missionary

and me and my cute friends mariapaz and ludmila!! we talked about the importance of prayer yesterday, so they insisted we do a prayer pose
kickin it in argie
HEY family!!! Oh how I love you all! thank you for the emails!

hahaha I am here laughing because I think everyone of you in these past few weeks have told me you've had a dream about me. I feel so special! thanks for thinking/dreaming about me.  Man this week was gooood. Seriously these weeks are flying by and so much good stuff is going dowwwwwnn! We met some fantastic nuevos investigadores esta semana. The cutest lil 11 year old girl who is oh so prepared. She is reading teh BOM every day and wants us to come by eveyrday to teach her. Her parents are not too fond of listening to what we have to share, which makes me soo sad because they are robbing their daughter of so many amazing blessing by  not letting her come to church. But its okay tengamos fe!

Last night we had a lesson with the  lil bro of our invstogators that were baptized. He's 16 and so great but has soo many issues its so sad. He has so many doubts about the bom and jospeh smith. The spirit totes left the much contention. I've leared the only effective thing we can do in these moments is to testify of the truthfulness of our message. People can argue all they want, but when it comes to a testimony, theres not much more to say.

I LOVE BEIN A MISSIONARY its so fun and stressful but so great. I wish You all a great week. sorry this email is so lame

hermana farrow!!!

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