Monday, January 26, 2015

Has the Second Coming Arrived?

Jan. 26, 2015

 after our zone conference this week in neuquen

 in front of our beautiful pension.

Well would ya look at that were here again in another pday. just to letch yall know this computer is super ghetto and the exclamation and question mark buttons don't don't think I'm super boring or sad or something cause i am a very very happy hermana who is doing great.

So I cant believe I'm already in my 3rd week of this transfer. And this will probs be my last transfer in Centernario so I only have a few more weeks. Crazyyy. But oh man I love centeanrio. I know this lil town inside and out. I know it better than good ole Escondido.  That's what happens when you walk every where and oh sometimes i cant believe that some missionaries get to use cars in the US like what the heck haha. But ah I love it here and the members are so great and the lil old ladies are so cute. Most of them are widowed and so lonely in their homes and just want us to talk with them and make us tea...and its like 100 degrees outside and this tea is piping hot but we smile and drink it anyways and talk all about their lives. Fun stuff.

This week I thought the second coming had arrived. On Wednesday we had the hottest there is something about the sun here.  Its like extra strong at the bottom of the world.  So then this night we had a ward all us 6 missionaries were walking home afterwards and the winds started picking up so crazyyy and all the sudden all this lightning and thunder and rain and the sky was the coolest thing I have ever seen. And we ran to our apartment...only to find that we were locked out cause the neighbors we share with put an extra lock on the yeah we were trapped outside in the rain for a while but long story short we finally made it inside and the second coming didn't happen.

Also, many more miracles happened this week. we decided to fast this week and the day after our fast we see a recent convert of Hna Caballero from her last area and his wife and 3 kids walking down the street. They told us they had moved here to Centenario. The wife is a non member and we had a noche de hogar with their family and the family of the bishop this week and its was a success.  The wife Carina felt the spirit and loves the idea that families can be eternal. We are SO excited to begin working with this family and help the husband prepare to receive the Priesthood to be able to baptize his wife. So coool. Also lots of the less actives we are working with were at church yesterday wooohooo.

I love my compañera. She is so cute and we have so much fun together and  share clothes. And our fave thing to do is sing primary songs while were walking..she sings in Spanish and me in English. We bought some awesome dresses from this huge garage sale type thing that we have every Saturday and they were 30 pesos and we are gunna try and fix them and sew them into skirts haha probs wont work but I'm excited. Also today in an email her mama told her her family is planning to move to the US in the next year or two...which is obvi a huge change. but omg I am so excited because i can visit her and shes excited cause we can go to each others weddings haha yay.

Something real challenging is that most of our investigators either don't know how to read..or cant see the little letters in el libro de mormon. so this has been hard because they don't have a great testimony of it..yet. but we read with them and are working hard.

I don't have too much more to say except that I am doing great and truly and loving this work. .I am strengthened on the daily and receive power to somehow say exactly what I need to say to these investigators of ours. There really is no feeling like feeling the spirit enter into the room and penetrate all of our hearts when we being talking about our Savior and the power of His atonement. It is only through Him that true happiness is found and I'm grateful to be a part of this great work and to share the good word every day. Les quiero mi familia. Muchas gracias por su apoyo, oraciones, y amor. Les extraño un monton pero estoy agradecida por cada momento yo tengo para compartir mi testimonio de Jesucristo cada dia y ser su representante por 18 meses. chau chau

oh and also we are heading to Neuquen right now to buy shoe inserts things for hna caballero and I'm so excited cause its a mall and there are real stores and clothes woohooo. and mama mi compañera dice muchas gracias por su ayuda :D

con amor,

hermana farrow

Monday, January 19, 2015

Greetings from the Patagonia

Jan. 19, 2015

sad sad goodbye last week to hna lopez! oh how i love her
the lil old lady is Carmen and she is the cutest lil thing on the planet! love her so much and her grandson Mauricio is 18 and our investigator who has a date the 21 of Feb!

 this is my new comp hna caballero!
me and hna packard!!!
some of my fave less actives that went to church yesterday wohoooo!

Hello family well wowie I cannot believe another week has passed! For reals these weeks fly by. This was such a fantastic week! A week of harrrd work and miracles too!!

This week was so incredibly hot I'm surprised I made it through! We worked hard every single day and we have truly been blessed for our efforts! We have many new and awesome future investigators that I am so excited to teach! We have seen people placed in our path and have had such awesome experiences talking to people on the streets for over 30 mins about their lives and desires to change and it really is just so cool that these people feel comfortable enough to start crying and pour out their feelings to some little 19 year old girls! I feel very blessed and lucky to have the trust of these people and the accompany of the spirit for these people to feel!

We have been working like crazy with our less actives! And the bessst feeling in the world is seeing them keeping their commitments and coming to church yesterday! Just seeing them smile and the light in their eyes once again makes it all worth it!

But really I am doing grrreat and learning something new every day! I started the Book of Mormon over and my goal is to finish it before gen conf! I have the most neatest experiences every day and sorry my emails are always so brief but don't worry I have them all written in my journal! hehe. This week one of my lil awkward moments was at lunch with some old members, the Cardenas and the day before we had been fasting so I was starving for this meal haha and so I was so excited to eat and she brings out this buuuuge plate of food and its was this chicken stuff and thus interesting salad and okay so they all finished their food pretty fast and then for honestly 10 mins I was the only one eating still and no one was talking hahah and I still had corn on the cob on my plate and so obvi it was so loud and crunchy hahaha ah man so incredibly awkward I wish you were there to see bailey! haha. But anyways I am doing fab and excited for another week ahead of me! I love you all! Mosiah 24 13 and 14 are some of my faves. Chau mi familia! Les quiero muchisimo

xoxo, hermana Farrow

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Jan. 13, 2015


So sorry about not writing yesterday!   They close the  cybers here when they want...and they've been closed for the last 2 days but here I am writing again...can´t believe another week has passed! que locooo.

Anyways, we had transfers and I am officially done with my training!  wooohooo!  SO I'm official now and it's cool.  I said bye to hna Lopez sunday night and that was the saddest thing ever and I will miss her so dang much. She is the sweetest and the best mama and trainer I could have  asked for.  So crazy how close you can get to someone in such a short amount of time!

But yesterday I took a taxi to Neuquen and picked up my new companion! Hna Caballero! She is the cutest thing and from Lima Peru. And she's 19 too so thats exciting! Hna Alback and Hna Lopez were both 22 so this is a lil different.   She is super motivated and has 10 months in the mish. Yesterday on our first day together we already have had success in finding people. I know miracles are going to happen this transfer. Im leading the area cause she's brand new, so this is fun fun and a lil stressful but so good for me because its allowing me to rely on the spirit even more than  before. Our awesome investigator is out of town this week so next week were gunna have such fantastico lessons with him and we are going to baptize him I can just feel it.

My Spanish is really coming along guys! Like sometimes I am so shocked at the things that I am able to say and the words that come out. Well I'm not shocked..because obviously it is all from the spirit! I am so pumped for this transfer and really am falling in love with this work as I rely upon the Savior. I miss and love my family oh so much!! And hope you all have a great weeeeekkk!!!!!

Oh yes almost forgot...we have some crazy new changes in the mission and no longer have to report out goals to Pres Lovell every week.  We are only telling numbers of baptisms and number of attendance at church.   I  am super excited for this and we are going to see miracles. We are getting a new mish pres in July and he's from Uruguay so thats cool!

Con amor,
hermanita farrow

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz año neuvo family

I would have to spill brownie mix all over myself!

On our way to a hike on pday.

Jumping for joy!!!

Jan. 5, 2015

Feliz año neuvo Family!

So sweet you all  went to the rose parade and had happy happy holidays!  Makes me so happy to know my fam is doin well! And yayyy so excited for blakey and chels!  Dying over these engagement pics here in the cyber everyone is looking at the computer screen here too haha.  But wow another fantastic week has passed!  Cant quite wrap my mind around that its already 2015 and a brand new year!  We had such a fun start to our year!

We went to the one and only hna Margartias house for dinner on new years eve! Had the best meat and all types of salads and bread of course. We were allowed to stay out til 10:30 pm and also stay up til midnight!  SO that was so fun.  After dinner we got back to the apartment and realized that we didn't have much to do as we waited til midnight so we decided to watch a joseph smith movie hahaha and we were oh so tired being up this late! oh the life of a missionary. So then at 12 all of our neighbors and basically the whole city was setting off fireworks wooohoo so much fun!

The next day we went with some of the elders on a hike in cinco saltos and that was exciting and fun to do something different!  SO yes a very happy new year for us indeed!

This week I focused myself on discerning and following the spirit, especially in our lessons. As I did this, I was able to see the promise that as we open our mouths, we are given the words in the exact moment we need them. The gift of tongues is real! The Spanish  is coming more and more each day and I feel I am able to act myself in spanish...not just the church stuff!  SO grateful for my awesome companion and that she's not a gringa!

Also this week I have been thinking about the role of God. I love that in our church we call him our Heavenly Father. He truly is the father of us all. I like to think of him as my own dad, who is so willing to give us the things we ask for, as long as we work for them. For example, whenever I wanted to go jet skiing, dad never had a problem with it, under the circumstances that I helped him get allll our stuff together in his truck..and of course after wards the annoying part of spraying them down haha. ANyways, I feel I am becoming so close to my father in heaven as I study about his plan and learn of the daughter I am to become. He knows me perfectly and for this I am so grateful!  I have had prayers answered and have had countless confirmations to me that help me to know he is there and that I am never alone! I love him and this privilege and honor I have to be a part of this grand work! I have learned so much not only about the gospel, but about myself and the way the Lord speaks to me. I am making the greatest memories and learning to trust and rely on Heavenly Father and his perfect plan!

I am excited to be immersed in this work for the entire year of 2015! Gunna be one great year I just know it! I love you all so much! Never gotta worry about hermana farrow, Im in the hands of a loving father!  Hope you have a great week and keep on smiling.

Remember the nails yall.

-Hermana Farrow

A hike on a p-day......and brookie getting brownie mix all over the place!!