Monday, January 26, 2015

Has the Second Coming Arrived?

Jan. 26, 2015

 after our zone conference this week in neuquen

 in front of our beautiful pension.

Well would ya look at that were here again in another pday. just to letch yall know this computer is super ghetto and the exclamation and question mark buttons don't don't think I'm super boring or sad or something cause i am a very very happy hermana who is doing great.

So I cant believe I'm already in my 3rd week of this transfer. And this will probs be my last transfer in Centernario so I only have a few more weeks. Crazyyy. But oh man I love centeanrio. I know this lil town inside and out. I know it better than good ole Escondido.  That's what happens when you walk every where and oh sometimes i cant believe that some missionaries get to use cars in the US like what the heck haha. But ah I love it here and the members are so great and the lil old ladies are so cute. Most of them are widowed and so lonely in their homes and just want us to talk with them and make us tea...and its like 100 degrees outside and this tea is piping hot but we smile and drink it anyways and talk all about their lives. Fun stuff.

This week I thought the second coming had arrived. On Wednesday we had the hottest there is something about the sun here.  Its like extra strong at the bottom of the world.  So then this night we had a ward all us 6 missionaries were walking home afterwards and the winds started picking up so crazyyy and all the sudden all this lightning and thunder and rain and the sky was the coolest thing I have ever seen. And we ran to our apartment...only to find that we were locked out cause the neighbors we share with put an extra lock on the yeah we were trapped outside in the rain for a while but long story short we finally made it inside and the second coming didn't happen.

Also, many more miracles happened this week. we decided to fast this week and the day after our fast we see a recent convert of Hna Caballero from her last area and his wife and 3 kids walking down the street. They told us they had moved here to Centenario. The wife is a non member and we had a noche de hogar with their family and the family of the bishop this week and its was a success.  The wife Carina felt the spirit and loves the idea that families can be eternal. We are SO excited to begin working with this family and help the husband prepare to receive the Priesthood to be able to baptize his wife. So coool. Also lots of the less actives we are working with were at church yesterday wooohooo.

I love my compañera. She is so cute and we have so much fun together and  share clothes. And our fave thing to do is sing primary songs while were walking..she sings in Spanish and me in English. We bought some awesome dresses from this huge garage sale type thing that we have every Saturday and they were 30 pesos and we are gunna try and fix them and sew them into skirts haha probs wont work but I'm excited. Also today in an email her mama told her her family is planning to move to the US in the next year or two...which is obvi a huge change. but omg I am so excited because i can visit her and shes excited cause we can go to each others weddings haha yay.

Something real challenging is that most of our investigators either don't know how to read..or cant see the little letters in el libro de mormon. so this has been hard because they don't have a great testimony of it..yet. but we read with them and are working hard.

I don't have too much more to say except that I am doing great and truly and loving this work. .I am strengthened on the daily and receive power to somehow say exactly what I need to say to these investigators of ours. There really is no feeling like feeling the spirit enter into the room and penetrate all of our hearts when we being talking about our Savior and the power of His atonement. It is only through Him that true happiness is found and I'm grateful to be a part of this great work and to share the good word every day. Les quiero mi familia. Muchas gracias por su apoyo, oraciones, y amor. Les extraño un monton pero estoy agradecida por cada momento yo tengo para compartir mi testimonio de Jesucristo cada dia y ser su representante por 18 meses. chau chau

oh and also we are heading to Neuquen right now to buy shoe inserts things for hna caballero and I'm so excited cause its a mall and there are real stores and clothes woohooo. and mama mi compañera dice muchas gracias por su ayuda :D

con amor,

hermana farrow

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