Monday, February 2, 2015

McDonalds Never tasted so good!

Feb. 2, 2015

 me and Candelaria!! daughter of carina my investigator. shes 6 and so adorbale i want to eat her but i cant!!!!!!!!

me and my beautiful companion yesterdayyy

Hello such a grrrreat week I had! and sounds like you all did too! My sister is gunnna be famous!  Bailey cant believe you made it to the voice. If they interview you, you better talk about me and tell them I was your singing coach Also shout out to baby Emery for turning 1 last week! Love you lil girl!!

Ohhh where to begin. Okay so as I was saying last week..our newest investigator is Carina! Shes 32 and has 3 lil kids and her husband is the recent convert of Hna Caballero form her last area! SO basically its a miracle that we found this family and that he decided to move to Centenario. The Lord really has put miracles in our day to day lives. For some great reason...we see this family walking on the street every day and the kids all run up to us and it is just always perfect timing. Carina accepted the date for the 21 to be baptised!! Transfers are the 23 so if I leave..Ill be here for her baptism just in the nick of time. She is so awesome and so prepared. I absolutely love this family and have only known them for 2 weeks and I feel so close and attached to them. They are so special and I am praying that all goes well and that we really can have this baptism! We have an awesome FHE planned for tonight to have a picnic in the park with them and gunna talk about the priesthood...cause the husband, Fransisco is preparing to receive the priesthood to baptise his wife!!! ahhhh so excited!!! We have a white baptismal dress that we found in our apartment that will work perfect for her and we have it hanging up so we see it every single day to motivate us!

Ahh what else. oh yesss last Pday we went to Neuquen and we went into this mall to buy insert thingies for hna caballero and ommmg i was in heaven and haven't been in a place with an air conditioner and stores and clothes and shoes in ages it was so amazing! Oh and they had McDonald's there,  so obviously we had to get mcflurrys and kids meals.  So fun.

Oh yeah and also a few nights this week I woke myself up in the middle of the night speaking Spanish in my sleep!  hahaha so that's a good sign!! The Spanish is coming you guys!! oh and when its hna caballeros turn to say the prayer before bed..she says it in English to practice.  SO last night I wanted to try in English too for fun and it was soo hard hahah I got all the words mixed up and English is just weird.

Oh and I am teaching English to a cute lil girl named Augustina who's 10 and so sweet and also to this family that we are teaching! so much fun.

I love what I do. There are hard days and I make many mistakes and at times I get down on myself. But that is when I think of my purpose as a missionary, which is to invite OTHERS to come unto Christ. When I put my own desires and wants and doubts and feeling behind me and focus on the work and have the eyes to see miracle in my day, this is when I am blessed and this is when I feel like a true servant of my Savior. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Farrow

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