Monday, February 16, 2015

Mi Familia!

Add captionme on the bridge that we walk across evvvs day. good times

Me and Augustina! English class is so fun with her and shes learnin soo fast woohoo!shes actually really smart and reminds me of brin and looks up how to make weird stuff on youtube haha

Feb 16, 2015

Well hello there! Looks like you all had a great week in NC!! I literally have the prettiest sisters and mama in the world. And the cutest niece and neph!! Loved Vday pics. Well another great week has passed here! I am officially in week 6 of this transfer, and I believe that I will probs be transferred a week from today! So we will see! Bittersweet cause I love my comp and Centenario oh so much! But excited for the adventures to come.

So my poor comp never went to the dentist when she was younger so she had some pretty bad cavities that we went to get fixed in neuquen this week. And then yesterday morning she had the worst pains in her teeth and it was so bad and kinds scary. So the awesome elders came over early in the morn yesterday to give her a blessing. She was supposed to have a talk in sacrament too, but she could hardly talk without saying oww or without holding her face. SOoo I ended up writing a lil talk in 5 mins and gave it in sacrament wohhoo! on the Attribute of Christ so that is always fun! Anyways long story short, we ended up going to the hospital at 11 last night and didn't get home til 2!! My poor comp! I feel so bad when my companions are sick its the saddest thing. So she got a shot to like numb it so shes totally fine now, but were scared that the pain is gunna come baccck! oh no. SO yeah that was last nights story!!

Weve just really been focusing on Carina! Her baptism is scheduled for this Saturday and ahhh I am so so excited! My first baptism guys!! I could cry. I do cry cause I'm so excited! haha. So remember how he husband is a recent convert and is preparing to get the priesthood to baptize her?...wellll we found out from the bishop that he cant receive the priesthood cause hes not paying his tithing. So that's a bummer. and apparently this family doesn't know all of this news tonight in FHE we are planning on telling them in the nicest way possible. This will be a test of Carinas faith...if she is really doing this for herself and because she has a testimony she will go through with her baptism on Saturday and have someone from the ward baptize her! So we are fasting and praying and striving to be so obedient. Keep the Pazz fam in your prayers. I love them so much!!

Not too much has happened...same old same old! oh I dyed my hair! In the pics I'm sending was before I dyed it. But its pretty much just my super natural color...without any trace of orange so that's good!

I love you all tons! I am so lucky to be part of the Farrow family. Thank you to my wonderful parents for being my examples and being the kind of people I want to become. I miss hugs from my mama and I miss awesome Kevlar advice from my daddy. And I miss my sistaaas so so much! And you too Blakey..thanks for your example of a consecrated missionary and for always sending your love my way. My testimony is growing each and every day as I put my faith in the Lord. I have never felt so close to his love in my life and the feelings of peace are reals that come from His atonement. I love Him and feel this is the least I can do to show my love and thanks to Him. This gospel is so true and there is nothing like testifying my My Savior each day. I love this work! Until next week!

Hermana Farrow

ps If i don't write next Monday...don't freak out. I might be on a lonnng bus ride to who knows where!

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