Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Week of my First Transfer

November 24, 2014

Doing laundry on our p-day!


Just me being silly!!!!!

All the Sisters decided to wear coral for the zone meeting!

Fun to see my roomies from the MTc!

This blond missionary is the Elder we saw at the St. George Temple during Girls Camp Week!   
 Happy pday familia!

Hope you all had a fantastic week! I sure did.  Sooo can you believe this week is the last week of my first transfer! que loco no? Hna Lopez and I are determined to work hard and make it a good one.

Friday we had my first zone conference so that's fun! I absolutely love Pres and Hna Lovell. I gave Pres a big missionary handshake and I think he was impressed with my Español! And hna Lovell is the cutest always takin pics and she gave a talk in Spanish from reading a paper in her gringa accent.  I also saw some of my MTC pals! So much fun and maaaaade my week! Hna Parlogean is probably my favorite human being and it was so fun to catch up and hear how she's doing. She has a gringa comp and says her spanish is nooo I am grateful that I am forced to speak Spanish 24/7. The conference was based on Pres Packer's talk The Reason for our Hope. Super great talk! It was a good little pump up to feel the spirit and be with 3 zones of missionaries!

I am in a 12 week training program so we have 2 hours of comp study every day...and then an extra hour for language study. We have lang study usually after lunch because we can't contact due to the siesta and every store and everything is closed! Just a lil fyi

Me and my companion have so much fun together! We laugh so much and make this work fun! Her top three English words that she uses on a daily basis are sketch, what the heck, and oh my gosh. SO I'm a good teacher.

Last night we went to visit a member from our ward, Hna Vidal. She gave us tea and everyone does here, and the wind started to get crazzzzy! Like I thought her lil house was gunna blow down haha. So we were starting to share a lil message with her and the power went out. So she went and got a candle and she wanted to sing a Christmas song for our opening hymn and so we did...and we ended up singing Christmas songs for a god 45 mins cause she was just so happy and wanted to keep singing! So much fun sitting around a candle lit table with just the three of us singing! Little times like these make for the best days!

Nothing too much happened this week but all is well in Centenario! Can't believe how fast this time is flying by and this week is Thanksgiving for yall! Have so much fun in AZ!

I am learning so much each day and learning to rely on my Savior! Through Him, I have felt so much comfort and been strengthened through the hardest days. I love Him and am eternally grateful for his Atoning sacrifice. This is why I am out here, sharing this sweet message that through Christ we can become better each day and find peace even in the worst of times. Something from Zone Conf that has stuck with me is when Pres Lovell said, We can't TOUCH the marks in the Savior's hands and feet, but we can FEEL His Spirit. His spirit is something that I have learned to trust and rely on, and this great work is nothing without the spirit! SO grateful for this opportunity to serve and be a representative of Christ. I have never felt so close to Him and my Father in Heaven. I love you family! Happy thanksgiving!!

-Hermana Farrow

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All Smiles in Centenario

Nov. 18, 2014

Hermana Farrow was a day late due to her companion being sick all day yesterday.  They had to stay home and get her better;)  All is well now!!!!!!!  I hope they don't break the beds!!!!

holaaaa familia!

Wow, did this week sure fly by!  This work is coming along and the days are getting brighter!  Literally...summer is coming and it is starting to get super hot!   I can´t believe next week is Thanksgiving for you guys!  To be honest I totally forgot about that holiday cause there is no talk about it here!  haha,  but in the supermarket they are staring  to have decorations for the navidad so that's exciting! woohoo so glad to hear my family is doing well!  I love and miss you all so very much! Okaaaay where to begin..

This week was a good one! I am staring to get used to this wonderful little town of Centenario!  I went on exchanges again this week with another hermana who is also a gringa and we were in my area this time!  and I was kinda scared cause I didn't think I knew my area very well..but we only got lost once!  We had so much fun and talked to EVERYONE we saw!  She is such a good example of a missionary I want to be and she showed me the importance of talking to every person.

Now that español is coming along..I am having a new love of tracting! Haha for reals it is so fun!  My favorite thing is when we tell them..somos misioneras de la iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos de los ultimos dias..and then they go ohh yeah no thanks I'm catholic...and everrryyyone is catholic here. and we say oh perfect!!  So you believe in God! How do you feel God has helped you in your life? and sometimes they can´'t exactly answer this question.  But everyone pretty much believes  in God and has great faith which is grrreat! so woohoo!

We found some new investigators this week and one of them came to church on sunday and I was so excited! She's 17 and so cute and wants to be baptized wooo! My comp has only had 1 baptism and I told her that we are going to get another baptism for her so she goes home with at least 2! Oh man I am so pumped and just want to preach the good word!

Our ward is having a temple trip to Buenos Aires in March so thats like a super big deal for everyone!  So we are working with less actives tons and trying to get them to church so they can work toward getting to the temple!  I am so happy for them because the temple is honestly my favorite place on earth and I just want them to feel that!  Also I really am trying to learn how to use family search so we can show the members how to do their family  history to take to the temple! fun stuff!

All is well here in Argentina! I am doing great and learning something new every day. I love Hermana Lopez. We are getting closer every day and I can pretty much completely understand her woohooo! She is very patient with my spanish and I am helping her with her english! We play little word games as we are walking to lessons and laugh all the time.  She wants to learn the song the climb by Miley cyrus so I wrote it down for her...half of it was probably wrong cause I couldn't remember the words..and she wrote down her fave spanish song for me to learn!

Thank you family and friends for your love and prayers! I feel so blessed to be a missionary at this time in history! Theres an army of 88,000 of us and it is only growing! I am becoming closer to my Savior and I know that he is watching over and protecting his missionaries on the daily. So no need to worry about me..I am in the best hands! Keep smiling guys...we have all the reason in the work to be happy! Love you ALL! until next week!

Con mucho mucho amore,

Hermana Farrow

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello there!!!

Where we shop!

Model of the Buenos Aires Temple

Our open chapel with my district and members of one of the wards in my area! super coolio

The best food you will ever eat! This was our Sunday lunch yesterday after church con la familia Flores! ps my hair really is not orange

Sweet little selfie!

November 10, 2014


This week was a good one indeed! How are things back in the united states?  Sometimes I stop walking and look around and I just can't believe I'm in Argentina. its the craziest thing to think I'm at the bottom of the world!   ha ha I  love it and can't believe I'm actually serving a mission!

So for anyone wondering if I am being fed well don't even have to worry, I am probably  being fed a little too well! This Sunday we had a huge asada feast with the Flores family and i have never seen so much meat on my plate. chicken, sausage, steak, ribs ahhh. the members make sure to feed us real good and the hard part is their huge meal of the day is we always eat a bunch and then have to walk 30 mins to our next appointment and that is not fun haha. Everyone gets their siesta after they eat, but as missionaries gotta keep on working!

Saturday we had an open chapel in cinco the chapel was open to the public! We had a christus set up in the chapel and boards explain the principles of the gospel and then we had the baptismal font filled and elders dressed in the white clothing explaining baptism! It was super sweet and we had a pretty good outcome! I felt like a temple square missionary explaining to these people what was written on the boards and the pictures! fun stuff.

Well nothing too exciting happened this week! Each day I am always reminded of how blessed I am. This week a member asked me about my family ... I told them about my siblings and all that.  They asked if they were all active and served missions and for some reason I told them about my cousins serving missions too and they were just in awe that my whole family is active in the church.  I was really taken back by this and that I am really  so blessed!  Not a day goes by that I don't thank my father in heaven for my amazing family and the love and support I have!

 Each day my testimony grows more and more of the atonement of Jesus Christ!  I  have come to realize that without it, there would be no point to this life.  Everything in this gospel and everything  I teach each day comes back to the atonement.  So amazing to me to think that we have a Savior who was willing to take upon every sadness, sin, doubt, pain, regret upon himself.  As I was bearing my testimony to a less active this week about the atonement in my life,  I  was overwhelmed with emotion and love from my father in heaven.  There is no feeling..and I cant even explain it,  of looking a person in the eyes and pouring your heart out to them of the truthfulness of this gospel! I feel my Saviors love everyday. There is a scripture I love in 3 Nephi 22 :10 that talks about what ever  is going on in the world and in your life, the Saviors love will never depart from us. That promise is something I have come to see in my life on a daily basis. When I get down, Heavenly  Father always puts the sweetest tender mercy in my path, even if it is finding a person that speaks English that wants to talk to me for a second! I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. That is why Iam in Argentina serving a mission because I want others to have that knowledge! This work is hard but I know it is going to be worth all the blisters and walking and embarrassment from Spanish!

Love you all! have a happy week!
Love , hermana farrow

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 2 in Centenario!

me in front of our pension! well thats what its called in spanish...i guess apartment in english haha

me and hna lopez made empenadas this week on a day we didn't have lunch con un miembro! they were goooood.

The center of Centenario!

i saw this sign from far away and thought it said nicholas gruen and got xcited for a sec hahaha

 Nov. 4, 2014

Hi hi Hermana Farrow here! Como anda?! That means whats up.  Week two was just fantastic woohooo! okay don´t even know where to begin!

So a few high lights from this weeeek. Only got almost attacked by only one dog this week! He came outa know where and grabbed onto my boot and I screamed and kicked him off haha.....and by boot I mean yes this week it was absolutely freezing here!  In the 40's.   I was dying and the wind was sooo loco!  So earlier this week were were walkin to a lesson and the wind started getting super strong.  We started talkin to this guy on the street and so obvi I had to open my eyes and before I knew it there was somethin in my eye. and like yeah that happens all the time and you can just blink it out, but noo there was actually something in there.   My hermana was tryin to see what it was but she couldn't and oh man i was just tearin up outa my right eye. but there was nothin I could do cause we had a lesson with Marcelo soo I I taught a whole lesson with somethin in my eye hahaha i was like crying out of it the whole time and squinting and every time I blinked it killed hahah oh man so we made it a quick lesson and eventually I washed it out with water so it was all good! B ut oh man it was so funny.
oh another highlight was people here are very complimentary! Is that a word? People all the time say you're not from here are you haha just by looking at me. So a lady in a wheelchair this week told me she wanted to cut my green eyes out for herself.  And then another lady told me I look like cinderella hahah. Then at church this sunday I was trying to talk to this new investigator and trying to explain something to him so he  could i said sorry for my español...and he was like no no you speak beautiful spanish and have a beautiful accent HAHAHA pretty sure he was a little disabled...but hey I'll take it! oh man what else. our lady with a baptismal date dropped us this week and that was super sad. but we have Marcel planned for Nov 29! woohooo!

OH and I forgot to say that every time you see someone here you know you'll  kiss them on the cheek and it is so fun haha i love it! the people are very friendly for the most part and the members take good care of the missionaries. There are 2 sets of elders and us in our little ward. Oh and I found out this week that hna lopezs fave movie is chicas rubias...aka white chicks and I just about died cause thats my fave movie! ahh I love her!  Sometimes it is just so hard cause we cant understand each other, even with the help of my translator, but we get along great and laugh about everything. We went on intercambios..exchanges i think it is in english..and i was with hna hafen and she is a gringa and so sweet! so that was fun and nice lil break from spanish.

Things are coming along and i am getting the hang of things here in Centenario!   Spanish is coming along and I am getting better at understanding the people. I just wish i could express myself cause I have so much to say but ahhh I know it will come!  This week i was trying to say the word investigator in english and I  couldn't think of how to say it cause i just kept saying it in spanish hahah so thats progress!  But things are all good here!  It is hard hard work. and i miss my fam so dang much..but the Lord hears and answers my prayers and knows just what i need when he knows I've had enough.  We are not alone!  Heavenly  father is there and is waiting/pleading for us to come unto him!  I can promise you that!  I am grateful for this opportunity  I have to serve.  I already feel like a changed person just in these 2 months. All is well family! hey hey I get to skype y'all next month omg!! woohooo!! gracias por todo!

xoxo, hermana brookie farrow