Monday, November 10, 2014

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Model of the Buenos Aires Temple

Our open chapel with my district and members of one of the wards in my area! super coolio

The best food you will ever eat! This was our Sunday lunch yesterday after church con la familia Flores! ps my hair really is not orange

Sweet little selfie!

November 10, 2014


This week was a good one indeed! How are things back in the united states?  Sometimes I stop walking and look around and I just can't believe I'm in Argentina. its the craziest thing to think I'm at the bottom of the world!   ha ha I  love it and can't believe I'm actually serving a mission!

So for anyone wondering if I am being fed well don't even have to worry, I am probably  being fed a little too well! This Sunday we had a huge asada feast with the Flores family and i have never seen so much meat on my plate. chicken, sausage, steak, ribs ahhh. the members make sure to feed us real good and the hard part is their huge meal of the day is we always eat a bunch and then have to walk 30 mins to our next appointment and that is not fun haha. Everyone gets their siesta after they eat, but as missionaries gotta keep on working!

Saturday we had an open chapel in cinco the chapel was open to the public! We had a christus set up in the chapel and boards explain the principles of the gospel and then we had the baptismal font filled and elders dressed in the white clothing explaining baptism! It was super sweet and we had a pretty good outcome! I felt like a temple square missionary explaining to these people what was written on the boards and the pictures! fun stuff.

Well nothing too exciting happened this week! Each day I am always reminded of how blessed I am. This week a member asked me about my family ... I told them about my siblings and all that.  They asked if they were all active and served missions and for some reason I told them about my cousins serving missions too and they were just in awe that my whole family is active in the church.  I was really taken back by this and that I am really  so blessed!  Not a day goes by that I don't thank my father in heaven for my amazing family and the love and support I have!

 Each day my testimony grows more and more of the atonement of Jesus Christ!  I  have come to realize that without it, there would be no point to this life.  Everything in this gospel and everything  I teach each day comes back to the atonement.  So amazing to me to think that we have a Savior who was willing to take upon every sadness, sin, doubt, pain, regret upon himself.  As I was bearing my testimony to a less active this week about the atonement in my life,  I  was overwhelmed with emotion and love from my father in heaven.  There is no feeling..and I cant even explain it,  of looking a person in the eyes and pouring your heart out to them of the truthfulness of this gospel! I feel my Saviors love everyday. There is a scripture I love in 3 Nephi 22 :10 that talks about what ever  is going on in the world and in your life, the Saviors love will never depart from us. That promise is something I have come to see in my life on a daily basis. When I get down, Heavenly  Father always puts the sweetest tender mercy in my path, even if it is finding a person that speaks English that wants to talk to me for a second! I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. That is why Iam in Argentina serving a mission because I want others to have that knowledge! This work is hard but I know it is going to be worth all the blisters and walking and embarrassment from Spanish!

Love you all! have a happy week!
Love , hermana farrow

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