Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Week of my First Transfer

November 24, 2014

Doing laundry on our p-day!


Just me being silly!!!!!

All the Sisters decided to wear coral for the zone meeting!

Fun to see my roomies from the MTc!

This blond missionary is the Elder we saw at the St. George Temple during Girls Camp Week!   
 Happy pday familia!

Hope you all had a fantastic week! I sure did.  Sooo can you believe this week is the last week of my first transfer! que loco no? Hna Lopez and I are determined to work hard and make it a good one.

Friday we had my first zone conference so that's fun! I absolutely love Pres and Hna Lovell. I gave Pres a big missionary handshake and I think he was impressed with my Español! And hna Lovell is the cutest always takin pics and she gave a talk in Spanish from reading a paper in her gringa accent.  I also saw some of my MTC pals! So much fun and maaaaade my week! Hna Parlogean is probably my favorite human being and it was so fun to catch up and hear how she's doing. She has a gringa comp and says her spanish is nooo I am grateful that I am forced to speak Spanish 24/7. The conference was based on Pres Packer's talk The Reason for our Hope. Super great talk! It was a good little pump up to feel the spirit and be with 3 zones of missionaries!

I am in a 12 week training program so we have 2 hours of comp study every day...and then an extra hour for language study. We have lang study usually after lunch because we can't contact due to the siesta and every store and everything is closed! Just a lil fyi

Me and my companion have so much fun together! We laugh so much and make this work fun! Her top three English words that she uses on a daily basis are sketch, what the heck, and oh my gosh. SO I'm a good teacher.

Last night we went to visit a member from our ward, Hna Vidal. She gave us tea and everyone does here, and the wind started to get crazzzzy! Like I thought her lil house was gunna blow down haha. So we were starting to share a lil message with her and the power went out. So she went and got a candle and she wanted to sing a Christmas song for our opening hymn and so we did...and we ended up singing Christmas songs for a god 45 mins cause she was just so happy and wanted to keep singing! So much fun sitting around a candle lit table with just the three of us singing! Little times like these make for the best days!

Nothing too much happened this week but all is well in Centenario! Can't believe how fast this time is flying by and this week is Thanksgiving for yall! Have so much fun in AZ!

I am learning so much each day and learning to rely on my Savior! Through Him, I have felt so much comfort and been strengthened through the hardest days. I love Him and am eternally grateful for his Atoning sacrifice. This is why I am out here, sharing this sweet message that through Christ we can become better each day and find peace even in the worst of times. Something from Zone Conf that has stuck with me is when Pres Lovell said, We can't TOUCH the marks in the Savior's hands and feet, but we can FEEL His Spirit. His spirit is something that I have learned to trust and rely on, and this great work is nothing without the spirit! SO grateful for this opportunity to serve and be a representative of Christ. I have never felt so close to Him and my Father in Heaven. I love you family! Happy thanksgiving!!

-Hermana Farrow

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