Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Days!

proof that im cooking! real good food

hna hafen and i! (blonde gal) my hna leader and she goes home today! sad. she is the sweetest person in the world and i wanna be a missionary like her!

 hermana sola..shes from buenos aires and so fun. she got transferrrrred

part of my district yesterday at church! last time with them all together cause transfers today.

and hna lopez y yo con the newest missioanry, hna arce! shes off to vera cruz mexico today! love her so much,,shes gunna be the greatest missionary ever
Dec. 1, 2014

Hola Hola!! Hope yall had a fabulous thanksgiving! Looks like you did! And hey grandma Moon I love you and you are in my prayers! You are the strongest lady I know and I tell everyone about my grandma from Mexico! 

We saw miracles this week! We have a new investogator, Iniel. He is in his 70s and his wife passed away a few years ago. So we taught him Saturday and invited him to church and the lesson went really well. I wanted to see him at church so bad...cause thats been our biggest struggle is getting these investigators to church. The chapel is far and people just have a hard time giving up their sunday activities (drinking mate and watching tv haha). ANyways..<sunday mornin came around and guess who I see! Not only Iniel, but also a less active family and the husband who is not a member that we have been workin soo hard with! Ahhh I was so happy! Haha finally we are starting to see the fruits of our labors and wow is it a great feeling!

So yep I completed and survived my very first transfer wooohoo! I am still in Centenario and Hna Lopez is still my trainer! SO this is her last transfer! And we are gunna make it the best. We are pumped to work hard!

Que maaaas. Saturday night we had a lil ward party for Yenni Arce, the gal in the pic who is leaving for her mission! I honestly love this girl so much! She has come to lessons with us many times and has such a love for the gospel. She's off to Vera Crus, so I told her to find my grandmas family! Haha. On Sunday we were able to be there for her setting apart! So powerful and it remined me of the night with my whole fam en la casa de Pres Wilkinson.

Spanish is coming...a lil more each week. The accent and how crazy fast some people speak is what throws me off. Half the time I just smile and say si and nod haha. But in the lessons I can totes speak and thats what matters right?

There is a new plan for missioanries all around the world called El es la dadiva, or he is the gift. Its going all this whole christmas season! we give away 10 of these lil cards everyday in efforts to find new people to teach. There is also an awesome video that yall need to watch if you havent already! Honestly so good and invites the spirit so strong in the lessons! excited for this Christmas season and to testify of the true meaning of teh season! Kinda sad that Christmas this year is so hot and the Argentines arent suuuper into it haha but its alll good.

I am doing well familia and have a smile on my face! The work is coming along! I am beginning to love this lil town of Centenario and the people. Se que nuestro Salvador vive y mediante la fe en el, todas las cosas son posibles. Estoy muy agredecida a ser un parte de esta gran obra y por la opurtunidad a compartir my testimonio cada dia con mis hermanos y hermanas. Se que Dios is my Padre Celesial y se que su amor por nosotros es real. I love you family! Oh so much. Miss you on the daily. Keep smiling and remember the nails!

Con amor, Hermana Brookie Farrow 

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