Saturday, September 27, 2014

Semana tres!

Ran into Sister Brooke Richards, a byu h bud, on the main campus! 

My family away from home.

Meet Raul our investigator.

I love these girls.

We do this funny eye thing!

Waiting for the bus at the bus  stop.

It actually is raining today.

Fun breaking out the blue raincoat.
Sept 27, 2014

Aloha family! oh how I love you all!! This week was a good one indeed. Seriously can't believe how quick these weeks are flying by! I'm already half way through my time here at the MTC omg! Man do I love Pdays. I got to take a 20 min nap today's guys it was the best. the temple this morning was great. I have such a love for the temple and am so grateful for the chance I got to work there for a few weeks before I left and I miss that tons! It's nice to sit back a relax and do a session! Sooo i don't even know where to begin haha not much happened this week and every day blurs together and the whole week feels like one giant day. does that even make sense?

Anyways...I'll just throw out a few things that happened this week!
On Wednesday my district got to "host" all the newbies coming into the mtc! it was so much fun and we felt so cool cause we've been here for 3 weeks and know everything about missionary work hahaha. So we showed them around and took their baggage to their rooms and all that jazz! They all seem so young even though theyre all my age haha.
My district is just awesome. We all get along so well and are one big family.  The hermanas really are like my sisters and the elders are my bros. I did my dolphin and gorilla noise for them and they make me do it all the time now haha.   Sometimes it's hard to focus cause when you put 11 18-20 year old elders and sisters together you start talking about some pretty funny stuff. but don't worry I'm learning lots too!

The Spanish is coming! My whole district agreed that we slacked off a few days this week and I could definitely tell it started to hurt me. Heavenly Father notices when you are really working hard and prepared for a lesson, and that is when he blesses you. Our investigators, Benjamin and Eric are doing good! It's fun teaching and feels so real..even though they're my teachers. Sometimes in my lessons I am able to say a few sentences in Spanish is they just kinda flow out naturally and it's the coolest thing!

We have really learned to love our gym time! My zone is all super competitive and sometimes a lil too much. I was playing basketball this week and got nailed in the jaw so hard. I had the worst headache for the rest of the day and realized we can't be so competitive. Not sure why I never played bball in high school. I'm good.

OHHH! Another apostle spoke to us this week in a devotional! Elder Ballard. Such a cute little man! I always look forward to Tuesdays to sing in the choir and hear some amazing apostles speak! Something I loved that he said was "You will find spiritual exhilaration as you shout out the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!" so so true! I can't even imagine the spiritual exhilaration I will find as I truly turn outwards and serve my brothers and sisters in Argentina! Ahhh i love those Argentines already and can't wait to get out there!

I had a super neat experience today as I was at the temple. There was the sweetest couple in the temple who had just been sealed and married. She looked so young it was crazy. But anyways, the joy that these two worthy people had on their faces as they sat in the Celestial room and the way that they looked at each other was just pure blisssss. Me and my companions teared up just watching them sit and talk haha. It made me realize that that is what I want in life and that is my ultimate goal to be a wife and mother. Earlier this week I was looking down at my name tag on my chest, and I had the sweetest thought. I saw my name tag and then I looked down at my arms folded and had this over whelming thought about my future children and that someday I would be holding them in my arms. I thought to myself that is part of the reason I am serving a mission is to prepare to be a righteous mother and raising my sons and daughters in righteousness. I kept thinking to myself that my kids are up in heaven rooting their mama on and saying "you can do this mom!". Every time I look down at my name tag now, I think of those sweet spirit children and that my decision to serve will hopefully help them.

I am beyond grateful to be a servant of my Father in Heaven and representing my Savior. There is no feeling better than that. I have learned that is take great faith to be successful in this life! Read Ether 12! One of my face chapters in the BOM. I dont know how many times in repeats "it was the faith" that makes it possible to accomplish anything. I am learning each day to trust and rely on my Savior and His plan! This church is so true! Don't forget you are loved and never alone. I miss you all like crazzzay but I am so focused and trying to make the best of each and every day here! I love this great work and can't wait to proclaim this truth!

Love always,

 Hermana Farrow

Saturday, September 20, 2014

pon tu hombre a la lid!!!!

Her district going to the temple!

Personal study time outside of her apartment!

Bummer that the toilet got clogged;(

She had tears of joy when she got a care package from home!

View every morning from her apartment

I have the best companions ever!
Sept. 20, 2014

Mi familia!!!!

wow do I love you all! I seriously am so happy right now. pdays are the best! let me just tell ya that I am loving it here! I can't believe i only have 4 1/2 weeks left here! so crazy. I'm having the time of my life. I am learning so much each and everyday about myself and about this beautiful and perfect gospel. Each day is filled with something new and exciting.

I don't even know where to begin because all the days just blend together and I am typing this all so fast haha mama please fix the typos! The mission is such a great thing and this is the most amazing work. I absolutely love my companions. and this week I learned that companions are SO inspired by God. During personal study this week I was reading in D&C 6 and it gave me so much comfort as I felt like I was struggling with something. During companionship's study, hermana albach and I shared what we had both studied and she had read d&c 6 too  for some crazy reason and we realized that we were having the same struggles as each other and were able to talk it out. We both felt so much better after this and knew that we were meant to be companions and this is just one of the small reasons! I love her to death. Shes 22 and shes a nurse and she's like my mama haha. Everyone in our district started getting sick this week and since we spend so much time together that it spreads fasssst. So i started getting a sore throat and what not and hma albach made sure I went to the bookstore to buy some meds and cough drops hahaha she is the sweetest. Oh and she plays softball tooooo!! so everyday for gym time at 10:40 we usually either play volley ball or basketball or run. but this week we realized they had some mitts so we went and played catch and it was so fun haha i miss softball and i kinda forgot that I have a torn labrium and so the next day my shoulder was gone haha so we just stuck to volleyball this week and it's so fun. The elders always want me on their team cause Im the best jk ! And my other companion is great too! Hermana Myers. Shes my age and so beautiful and super sweet! I don't know her quite as well yet cause She's in intermediate Spanish and so me and hma albach are the ones who teach together and have class together.

OKAyYY so Spanish! it's coming along! we set goals every day and I can officially pray and bear my testimony and challenge someone to baptism and teach lessons in Spanish! its awesome. But still have so much work to do its not even funny haha. SO when we teach our "investigators" we usually write down word for word in Spanish what we are going to say and then just bear our testimonies on our own without looking at our notes. But this week me and albach decided that we would put our faith to the test! we prepared our lesson to Raul and only out a few main questions in Spanish to ask him in our notes and decided to go off of the spirit. which is scary cause we know like no Spanish haha. But we went in there with a prayer in our hearts and it was so amazing!! We truly spoke from our hearts and the words just came! we challenged him to baptism and committed him to be baptised in Oct 18!! (he's not a real investigator..he's actually our new teacher Brother Porter) We felt so good after the lesson and knew that that all came from the Lord and that we can trust Him for guidance. It was such a good feeling. If i feels so good now...I can't wait to get to Argentina and for realizes teach people!! This gospel is so true.

Soooo Tuesday night we had a devotional at main campus and it was broadcasted to all the MTC's you know why?? Cause a real life apostle was there!! Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak to us and man was it just what I needed to hear. He spoke on the power of prayer and communicating to our father in Heaven. One thing I loved that he said was "to reach a goal obtained you must do things you've never done before". so true. he also talked about ho blessed the sister missionaries will be from serving a mission and how it will bless our future husband and children. ahhhh. He talked about the importance of realizing that when we pray that answers will come, but they will come in the Lord's way. This was just what I need to hear. Something that I've learned at the MTC is that you must be patient. Things will come! I love in my mission call letter it says that "greater happiness that I have ever experienced is yet to come" as I faithfully serve the Lord.Oh ps I sung in the choir so I was totally on camera...well that's what the elders told me. and the mtc choir might be able to sing at general conference!!! wooohoo I'm gunna be famous.

I love this work. I love being a missionary and I love looking in the mirror each morning as I put my name tag on! Remember that God loves and knows you personally. He is there and waiting for us to humble ourselves and come unto him. I know I am not perfect, but each day I am striving to be exactly obedient. Some mission rules seem kinda silly, but even the little things I am trying to obey. Our branch pres told us that obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles.

Shout out to nanny and bompa for the cute lil package this week! Love you two so much!! And thank you mi familia for the package too! I loved the letters! Don't stop on the dear elders k! I need em! Jaime thanks for your sweet letter! love you! and kelee and uncle dave and grandma and grandpa moon too!!

OHHH and Garret!! hey come visit me! I'm in building 8R! I know you're in 7R 126 but i have like no time to go over there! I;m in hermano cuadra's class so come see me!

I love you all! smile and be happy! Pon tu hombre a la lid! (put your shoulder to the wheel) hehe my zone's fave hymn to sing.

Remember the nails!
Love, Hermana Farrow

PS some visas aren't going through to Argentina lately...3 people in my zone have been reassigned stateside. Crazzzzzy! mama let's hope we did my whole FBI clearance and fingerprints right hahaha. Love yall! all is well.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hola Familia!

 Sept. 13, 2014

Hola hola hola!!!!! I made it to my first pday woohoo!! Can't believe I have been here for only 4 days!  So true when people say the days are long but the weeks are short. I am loving it here at the MTC. It truly is a sacred place and I am constantly feeling the spirit. I feel like I have already grown so much in just a few days. I am so blessed to have the most amazing companions! I am in a trio! I was kinda bummed at first to find that out, but I realized there must be some reason for it and I love them!! Hermana Albach is from Orem UT and is a combo of Emily Thompson and Jaime;) . and Hma Myers is from Chicago and is a spitting image of the girl from Juno. I love em. They are hard working and athletic and we all get along. They have such strong testimonies and inspire me each day. Albach is in the beginning Spanish class with me and Myers is in intermediate. Oh and Spanish is going pretty good!! I absolutely love my teacher, Hermano Caudro. He's from Spain and is so hilarious and he loves me and my companion. My district is grrrreat and I love all the elders! A lot of them are 18 but have stronnnnng testimonies. There's like 6 of us in my district going to Neuquen!! Most people in my district are going to Argentina! some Ecuador and some Bolivia. Elder Josh Fallentine is in my zone and from San Diego and we toally recognized each other from insta and stuff hahaha. He's friends with all of Nicks friends like Cole Herndon and Jessie Allegretti and what not! so that's fun. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I love it.

I have realized this whole week that missionary work is HARD. And Spanish is hard. I have gotten down on myself a few times, but have prayed for strength and guidance. The Lord answers my prayers every time! It's so amazing to me to realize that everything I am doing every single day revolves around my Savior. Everything!! He knows each of us personally and our struggles. The atonement is so dang true and has helped me out even in these past 4 days. I know Christ has suffered for me and has felt what I have. If he went through all that pain and suffering for me, then I certainly can serve a mission and learn a new language. I know that if I work my hardest that I will be blessed. My companions and I say every day how much easier this would be if it was in English haha those stateside missionaries have it easy hahah jk, kinda. Hermano Cuadro always has us take breaks from Spanish and gives us the best motivational speeches ever. He told us that the Lord wouldn't send us Spanish speaking if he knew we couldn't do it. I know that to be so true and that He has a plan for us. It is hard to be away from home and family, but I have made some awesome brothers and sisters here. We already love each other so much and are leaning to rely on each other.

This email is a lil all over the place haha I'm trying to do my best! We have gym time every day and that's fun. It right smack in the middle of the day which is kinda odd but its actually perfect! we go on the elliptical machines and play basketball or volleyball or whatevs. Oh and the Lord definitely watches over his missionaries cause I can't believe that I am not dying of exhaustion right now!!! it's awesome. I have so much energy most of the time!! OHHHH!! and I totally forgot! I taught our first "investigator" Raul yesterday! He knew about Joseph Smith and that's pretty much it so we focused mainly on the restoration!! As soon as I said the first vision(this is all in espanol btw) the spirit flooded the room! It was amazing to feel that even though I was trippin on every word haha. In studying/preaparing for our lessons, we always have personal study and then companionship and it is SO COOOOL how every time after personal study, Albach y yo have exactly what we need to teach Raul. It just works out perfect!! So tonight we are inviting him to be baptized!! omg. Oh and the food here is okay. nothing special on west campus, but we went over to main campus today and that cafeteria is heaven!! so good. we ate so much hahah now I see why people told us we're gunna get fat in the mtc. But don't worry,...we'll only eat there on Pdays. We had service and cleaned the residence halls this morn and then headed off to the temple!! Such an amazing experience being in a session with missionaries! The spirit was so strong and every question I went in with were answered. I also got to see a new video I haven't seen yet! At main campus, I saw Spencer weening (we almost gave each other hugs and it was the funniest thing hahaha so just a handshake) and I saw Lindsey Sugharoue from working in the temple and I saw Brooke Richards from byuh!!!! Love her so much!

So thank you family/friends for writing me and dear eldering me. Bails brin and brit you are slackin sistas. Please write me they help so much! It is so good to be focused on the work or else I would be way homesick ahora. I love this gospel! It is so true! I know that I am supposed to be serving a mission  and I can't believe I was so nervous before cause this is exactly where I'm supposed to be! I love my Savior and know he lives! He knows me and you and if we just turn to him and do all we can, he will make up the rest. This work is hard but so rewarding already! Thank you for your prayers! I sure love my fam and am so grateful for the knowledge that we can be together forever!

xoxo, Hermana Farrow (that's so fun writing that)