Saturday, September 27, 2014

Semana tres!

Ran into Sister Brooke Richards, a byu h bud, on the main campus! 

My family away from home.

Meet Raul our investigator.

I love these girls.

We do this funny eye thing!

Waiting for the bus at the bus  stop.

It actually is raining today.

Fun breaking out the blue raincoat.
Sept 27, 2014

Aloha family! oh how I love you all!! This week was a good one indeed. Seriously can't believe how quick these weeks are flying by! I'm already half way through my time here at the MTC omg! Man do I love Pdays. I got to take a 20 min nap today's guys it was the best. the temple this morning was great. I have such a love for the temple and am so grateful for the chance I got to work there for a few weeks before I left and I miss that tons! It's nice to sit back a relax and do a session! Sooo i don't even know where to begin haha not much happened this week and every day blurs together and the whole week feels like one giant day. does that even make sense?

Anyways...I'll just throw out a few things that happened this week!
On Wednesday my district got to "host" all the newbies coming into the mtc! it was so much fun and we felt so cool cause we've been here for 3 weeks and know everything about missionary work hahaha. So we showed them around and took their baggage to their rooms and all that jazz! They all seem so young even though theyre all my age haha.
My district is just awesome. We all get along so well and are one big family.  The hermanas really are like my sisters and the elders are my bros. I did my dolphin and gorilla noise for them and they make me do it all the time now haha.   Sometimes it's hard to focus cause when you put 11 18-20 year old elders and sisters together you start talking about some pretty funny stuff. but don't worry I'm learning lots too!

The Spanish is coming! My whole district agreed that we slacked off a few days this week and I could definitely tell it started to hurt me. Heavenly Father notices when you are really working hard and prepared for a lesson, and that is when he blesses you. Our investigators, Benjamin and Eric are doing good! It's fun teaching and feels so real..even though they're my teachers. Sometimes in my lessons I am able to say a few sentences in Spanish is they just kinda flow out naturally and it's the coolest thing!

We have really learned to love our gym time! My zone is all super competitive and sometimes a lil too much. I was playing basketball this week and got nailed in the jaw so hard. I had the worst headache for the rest of the day and realized we can't be so competitive. Not sure why I never played bball in high school. I'm good.

OHHH! Another apostle spoke to us this week in a devotional! Elder Ballard. Such a cute little man! I always look forward to Tuesdays to sing in the choir and hear some amazing apostles speak! Something I loved that he said was "You will find spiritual exhilaration as you shout out the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!" so so true! I can't even imagine the spiritual exhilaration I will find as I truly turn outwards and serve my brothers and sisters in Argentina! Ahhh i love those Argentines already and can't wait to get out there!

I had a super neat experience today as I was at the temple. There was the sweetest couple in the temple who had just been sealed and married. She looked so young it was crazy. But anyways, the joy that these two worthy people had on their faces as they sat in the Celestial room and the way that they looked at each other was just pure blisssss. Me and my companions teared up just watching them sit and talk haha. It made me realize that that is what I want in life and that is my ultimate goal to be a wife and mother. Earlier this week I was looking down at my name tag on my chest, and I had the sweetest thought. I saw my name tag and then I looked down at my arms folded and had this over whelming thought about my future children and that someday I would be holding them in my arms. I thought to myself that is part of the reason I am serving a mission is to prepare to be a righteous mother and raising my sons and daughters in righteousness. I kept thinking to myself that my kids are up in heaven rooting their mama on and saying "you can do this mom!". Every time I look down at my name tag now, I think of those sweet spirit children and that my decision to serve will hopefully help them.

I am beyond grateful to be a servant of my Father in Heaven and representing my Savior. There is no feeling better than that. I have learned that is take great faith to be successful in this life! Read Ether 12! One of my face chapters in the BOM. I dont know how many times in repeats "it was the faith" that makes it possible to accomplish anything. I am learning each day to trust and rely on my Savior and His plan! This church is so true! Don't forget you are loved and never alone. I miss you all like crazzzay but I am so focused and trying to make the best of each and every day here! I love this great work and can't wait to proclaim this truth!

Love always,

 Hermana Farrow

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