Saturday, October 4, 2014

Semana cuatro in the MTC!

Oct. 5, 2014

FAMILIA! wow this week has flown by it is so crazy. Like I am leaving the mtc in two weeks what!? This week was a great one indeed! one for the books! Don't even know where to begin. This time next week I'll be tellin y'all about my travel plans cause we get them next week yeeee we are all freaking out! I don't think I will have any problems with my visa mama, but man oh man I just wanna get out to Argentina! .

So tbt to last Sunday. It was fast Sunday for that meant fasting for a full 24 hours! As many know, the farrow's do not do well without getting fed, so I was like, crap. We're not even good at fasting just for one meal on sundays haha. But I decided that I could do this. SO i started my fast with a prayer Saturday night and asked for strength and to receive answers to questions that i have had. I asked to have His spirit with me and feelings of peace and comfort. Sunday came and not even kidding I didn't even think about least for a while haha. Every Sunday we have to prepare a sacrament meeting talk in espanol and then in sacrament meeting, our branch pres announces who will be speaking. So i wrote mine on enduring to the end and I was kinda bummed that it was testimony meeting cause my talk was pretty good and I was ready to give it haha. During sacrament, I just had these overwhelming feeling of the spirit with so many good thoughts. I felt so prompted to bear my testimony and I did and don't even know what came outa my mouth. Relief Society was so good too and I felt the spirit so strongly in every one of my meetings and during my personal studies. It was just amazing to me to see that when we sacrifice and put our selfish thoughts aside, we are so blessed. The Lord hears and answers our prayers. Like Elder Holland said today in the afternoon session, we should fast when we can. I have a new and improved love and testimony of the Law of the Fast and am grateful for that experience I had.

Our lesson this week all went really well! One of our investigators is Benjamin and he is the most stubborn person I know haha. He believes God has favorites and I can just tell there is something that is holding him back from wanting to accept the fact that God knows him personally. In one of our lessons this week, I just had the thought "ahh why can't he just understand and accept what we're telling him?" I was so annoyed haha but then I had this thought that I need to have patience and love for him. If there's one thing that I've learned on my mission so far is that patience is key and to have faith in the Lord's timing! We must put our selfish feelings aside and put our investigators, or friends/family/others in need in front of ourselves. That is what this mission is all about. I have prayed for love towards my investigators and companions and I have seen an evident difference and I set my personal needs aside!

We got a new investigator this week named Maribel and wow do I love this lady! She is from Mexico City and she reminds me soo much of grandma Moon! even her smell! I have loved teaching and getting to know her and I loved talking to her about my grandma and grandpa moon's story! We had our third lesson with her yesterday and twas amazing. Her spirit and love for Christ was so strong. We showed her the video "Gracias a el" or "because of him" and that gets me every time. Everyone go watch it, but watch it in Spanish cause that's what we do! Anyways, after we showed her this, she was in tears and bore her testimony to us. Instead of me teaching and testifying to her, she is the one who taught me. She spoke so dang fast and I could only understand like half of her espanol, but I have never felt the spirit like that before. I had such an overwhelming love for Maribel and it made me SO excited and pumped that this is what I'm going to be doing for the next 17 months!!

Wasn't conference so amazing today? I loved it. I went in with a few questions I had written down this week and I cannot believe how every one of them was answered! I love the way the Lord works. I'll share just a few things I liked from today's sessions. Chi Hong Wong (haha) spoke in his Cantonese language and I love his talk! He said "When we assist Christ in His mission of saving souls, we too will be saved in the process". Es la verdad! I have already seen my testimony strengthened each day as I testify in my broken Spanish of the divinity of my Savior and His work. I also loooved Pres Uchtdorf's talk. "God wants to answer our questions and we need to learn to listen to His voice" Oh and that German guy Jorg Klebinat's talk was on point! So good! And of course Elder Holland's talk was amazing like usual!

I truly am beyond blessed to have this opportunity to be a servant of God. I absolutely love being here and feel so at peace. There is no doubt in my mind that this is where I am meant to be and have already seen it bless my life in so many ways. I am so happy :) I love this gospel and have gained such a love for Jesus Christ through these past 4 weeks. He is so real! El es nuesto Salvador y Redentor! Dios es nuestro Pardre Celestial. Yo se que Jose Smith fue el profeta de la restauracion. Y por que Joes Smith fue el profeta, el libro de mormon es la palabra de dios y el la verdad. Yo estoy muy agradecido por este oppurtunidad a servir mi mission! Me encanta este evangelio y yo se que es la verded con todo mi corazon!

I love you all! I miss my family and am so grateful for each on of you. I pray for my each one of you by name every night and think about you always! Shout out to debs for being the best mama in the world and for the cutest package! my comps loved it too! and thank ya nicholas for the package and all that candy hehe :)

Con amor, Hermana Farrow

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