Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Don't Cry for me ARgentiNA!!!!!!!

October 22, 2014

We got a surprise email from Hermana Farrow just letting us know that she officially got to the mission home safely!

Here the brief email.....that of course brought tears to her parents eyes.

yo don't cry for me cause I am officially in Neuquén!!! Ahhh this is so crazy I love it so much. So we had our last flight of the day yesterday to Neuquén and I was out haha we were all so exhausted. But woke up right before we were about to land and dad I did just what you said and took it all in! So we walk off of the plane on one of those stair thingies and I got a sweet pic I'll try and send to ya Monday! That's my Pday btw. So we got to baggage claim and we see President and Hermana Lovell! They were behind this like clear wall thingy separating us so we were all just waving to them while we were waitin for our luggage! So we had to go through this lil xray thing and then I went up to them and gave her a huge hug and shook his hand and said how happy I am to officially meet my mission prez! And oh man they are so great!! SO we went to the mission home and they fed us dinner and a member from the ward brought empanadas over and ohhh my goodness they were so good. I had 5 hahaha and then the best ice cream after. I'm obsessed with dulce de leche already haha. So we had a lil meeting last night with everyone and then 3 hermanas and I went to a senior missionary couple's home to sleep there cause in the morning they were taking us to the immigration office to take care of fnigerprints and stuff. So we got there to the house and they were the sweetest little Argentine couple from Buenos Aires! I'm obsessed with Argenines too. The house was so cute and tiny. So they went to bed and we had to shower cause we were disgusting after 36 hours of traveling. It was SO hot in their house haha we were dying and we went down stairs and saw that the heater was on hahaha and we were all like holy crap but we couldn't turn it off cause obvi the couple wanted it on so we all just lived with it and took us forever to fall asleep and there were flies in all over but we finally did! So then this morning they took us to the office to get our paperwork for visas and all that done. Neuquén is so cool oh my gosh I love it. It's like super ghetto but  there's nice parts too. And we even gave a pass along card to this guy there and were trying to talk! Oh and I can't wait to come home with an Argentine accent cause it's definitely the best kind of Spanish. They speak so fast here haha but suprisingly I can kinda hold a conversation-ish...if they talk really slow. But ahhh I love it and definitely a culture shock but it's so great! No place I'd rather be. The Lovells are so sweet and this mission home is so beautiful! There's a courtyard in the middle of it. Sis Lovell is always taking pictures of us and is like our mama! Make sure to check the blog! And President is awesome. I had my first interview with him and he is just so full of wisdom and amazing. I just know I'm going to love it here! We get our trainers tomorrow night! Then take a bus if our area is far away or a taxi if close by! I'm so excited! This is so fun and can't wait to give you more details on Monday! Love you all!!

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