Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm in my first area!

Oct 27, 2014

Taking it all in as she lands in Neuquen!

til we meet again

Hermana Lopez showing the greenie the new area of Centanario.

hola familia!!!

ahhh hello there! wow so I'm def not in Kansas anymore haha and by that i mean not in my little Provo MTC bubble. But WOW i am finally here and legit  real missionary! This is so cool.  I don´t even know where to begin but here wo go!

SO my new companion is Hermana  Lopez! She´s from Nicaragua and speaks zero English .  It´s awesome.  She only has 3 months left in the mish! So I'm her last comp cause we are together for 2 transfers....12 weeks.  Shes a stud and is patient with my lack of español haha. 

My area is called Centenario! In the zone Cinco Saltos! P ure greatness. About 30 minutes from Neuquen. The members here are great and so sweet to the missionaries! We have a lunch appointment every day with a member and the food is so good omg haha it´s a problem.  And they feed us dulce de leche ice cream after I am completely stuffed and obviously  I cant say no haha.  Since the water is nastyy here everyone drinks soda or juice! Which i am not used to but its goood!

So we have a baptismal date for Nohelia! on nov 29. Pray for Her!  We meet with her tonight and teaching importance of sabbath day!!

Yesterday was my first day of church with the ward! The bishop invited me up to the pulpit and I bore my testimony in front of everyone. my hna Lopez said i did good so that´s all that  matters, right?

So the lessons we teach are great! Only problem is...I  just wish I could say everything I want to say! ahhhh. but ya know what...every time my comp looks at me so I know it´s my turn to testify, I feel the spirit so strong and it reconfirms to me every time that this is what I'm supposed to be doing! The Lord knows me and wow do I  have all my trust in Him! Like Nephi says, my god hath been my support.  I am relying so much on heavenly father. when i get frustrated and down he knows just what I need and puts a tender mercy in my life...maybe not til the end of the day, or even the next day, but my prayers are constantly answered!

But all is well family! No need to worry about me, I am in the lords hand and he is watching over me. Wanna know how i know that? don't freak out mama but I almost got attacked my a pit bull hahaha.  We were walking to a investigators house and I was walking pretty close to this gate and a dog came running up by me.  I  didn't think anything of it cause there are dogs everywhere here, and it jumped with its head through the bars and went right for me.  He totally grabbed onto me like my waist and side and I have no idea how my arm didn't get bit off, but it didn´t. but i was fine and it only hurt for a little while.  haha that was my first day in Centenario and holy crap it scared me. but no need to worry!

oh and one more funny last night after we taught a lesson, hna Lopez was trying to explain to me that the lady, Beatrice, that we taught had a problem with and was annoyed with a member in the ward.  The word for annoy is i was like omg! I  though she meant that someone like raped her hahaha and me and my comp started cracking up. ahh the joys of living in South America! also, i walk around with my electronic translator on the streets and I probably look so white. but I am learning new words each day!

I love you so much my family. I get homesick at times, but it makes me realize how blessed I am to have a family like i do, and live in a place with doorbells and working toilets. I am so blessed and so humbled already by this experience! gracias por totos mi familia. thank you for your prayers and love and support. so glad i got to talk to you in the airport! love you all!

con amor,
hermana farrow

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