Monday, October 20, 2014

mi ultima semana omg-Hermana Farrow

me and my home girls! hermana goodfellow and parlogean are both going to neuquen with me.
we call that tree the tree of life cause it's so pretty smack in the middle of west campus!! btw we are the last districvt to be at west campus...everyione is going back to main campus! so no more west.....we are one lucky district!!!!

Cuadro is the best teacher around!
i love these hermanas with all my heart!!! so much fun we are hilarious together

Packing and getting ready to head to Argentina in less than two days!!!

Oct. 18, 2014

HOLLLLA!! wow so I am currently freaking out and so excited at the same time! I'm off to Argentina in less than 48 hours!!! woooohooo! I don't even know where to begin and my mid is everywhere and I still have to pack so much oh my goodness! But this has been such an awesome last week!

I just need to start off by saying how BLESSED i am. I could not be more grateful for these past 6 weeks! I have learned SO much. I didn't think it was possible to learn so much in such a short amount of time. I feel so blessed to be placed with the most AMAZING companions, district, zone, and teachers in the first month and a half of my mission. I am so in love with this work. I was thinking to myself this week just how perfect this gospel is!

Friday we have in-field orientation all day and it got us SO PUMPED for the field!! I had so much fun in every activity and I love getting to know someone and then relating a gospel principle to their life, then sharing my testimony with them! New favoriteClass hobby! good thing, cause that's my life for the next 17 months!!! Then yesterday we had our last "Clase con Cuadra" aka last class with my favorite teacher. at the end he bore his testimony to us about his love for us and we all just died. Hermano Cuadra made my whole MTC experience worth it. He taught me so much and opened my eyes to seeing the atonement in a completely different and amazing way. He has taught me so much and I can't explain the love I have for him. I can't believe how fast i could grow to love someone. After class, we brought him to a room and he played his viola for us. Then we sang "come unto christ" a cheesy efy song to him. Then after, he offered a prayer. It was all in spanish and he talks super super fast. He blessed every single one of us in the zone! and i wasn't super emotional at the beginning, but as soon as he blessed an elder in my district who is struggling super bad with Spanish that he would have the gift of tongues and no problem with the language, we all lost it. The spirit was incredible! like we were all bawling like little babies on our knees in the middle of a little room. He blessed me to always show my smile to others, the never be afraid to open my mouth, and to be able to easily teach the principles of the gospel. I love this man so much and he has changed everything for me! He has had so many trials in his life, and even has cancer in his leg, yet had the strongest testimony i have ever heard. I want to be him when i grow up. Sure gunna miss that guy.

Life is so good! Remember that we have an Older brother and a loving heavenly father on his side! through them we can accomplish anything! I am so grateful for that knowledge i have! I am so so nervous for my first area and spanish and my companion and just everything. Pero esta bien por que yo tengo fe en mi salvador y redentor! All is well and I am striving to replace my fear with faith! This church is true ladies and gentlemen! Come unto Christ and turn to Him in all things, trust me :) Thank you mi familia for everything! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. These past 6 weeks have been incredible and I can't wait for more to come! Be happy and know you are in my daily prayers! I'll be calling y'all on monday in the airport yipeeee!! then I have a 4 and 11 hour flights after that! can't wait! I'm coming for ya Argentina!

PS shout out to aunt kelee! got your necklace and absolutely love it! miss you! oh and you and jaime are the cutest in NYC!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Brooke Farrow
peace out america

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