Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hola Familia!

 Sept. 13, 2014

Hola hola hola!!!!! I made it to my first pday woohoo!! Can't believe I have been here for only 4 days!  So true when people say the days are long but the weeks are short. I am loving it here at the MTC. It truly is a sacred place and I am constantly feeling the spirit. I feel like I have already grown so much in just a few days. I am so blessed to have the most amazing companions! I am in a trio! I was kinda bummed at first to find that out, but I realized there must be some reason for it and I love them!! Hermana Albach is from Orem UT and is a combo of Emily Thompson and Jaime;) . and Hma Myers is from Chicago and is a spitting image of the girl from Juno. I love em. They are hard working and athletic and we all get along. They have such strong testimonies and inspire me each day. Albach is in the beginning Spanish class with me and Myers is in intermediate. Oh and Spanish is going pretty good!! I absolutely love my teacher, Hermano Caudro. He's from Spain and is so hilarious and he loves me and my companion. My district is grrrreat and I love all the elders! A lot of them are 18 but have stronnnnng testimonies. There's like 6 of us in my district going to Neuquen!! Most people in my district are going to Argentina! some Ecuador and some Bolivia. Elder Josh Fallentine is in my zone and from San Diego and we toally recognized each other from insta and stuff hahaha. He's friends with all of Nicks friends like Cole Herndon and Jessie Allegretti and what not! so that's fun. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I love it.

I have realized this whole week that missionary work is HARD. And Spanish is hard. I have gotten down on myself a few times, but have prayed for strength and guidance. The Lord answers my prayers every time! It's so amazing to me to realize that everything I am doing every single day revolves around my Savior. Everything!! He knows each of us personally and our struggles. The atonement is so dang true and has helped me out even in these past 4 days. I know Christ has suffered for me and has felt what I have. If he went through all that pain and suffering for me, then I certainly can serve a mission and learn a new language. I know that if I work my hardest that I will be blessed. My companions and I say every day how much easier this would be if it was in English haha those stateside missionaries have it easy hahah jk, kinda. Hermano Cuadro always has us take breaks from Spanish and gives us the best motivational speeches ever. He told us that the Lord wouldn't send us Spanish speaking if he knew we couldn't do it. I know that to be so true and that He has a plan for us. It is hard to be away from home and family, but I have made some awesome brothers and sisters here. We already love each other so much and are leaning to rely on each other.

This email is a lil all over the place haha I'm trying to do my best! We have gym time every day and that's fun. It right smack in the middle of the day which is kinda odd but its actually perfect! we go on the elliptical machines and play basketball or volleyball or whatevs. Oh and the Lord definitely watches over his missionaries cause I can't believe that I am not dying of exhaustion right now!!! it's awesome. I have so much energy most of the time!! OHHHH!! and I totally forgot! I taught our first "investigator" Raul yesterday! He knew about Joseph Smith and that's pretty much it so we focused mainly on the restoration!! As soon as I said the first vision(this is all in espanol btw) the spirit flooded the room! It was amazing to feel that even though I was trippin on every word haha. In studying/preaparing for our lessons, we always have personal study and then companionship and it is SO COOOOL how every time after personal study, Albach y yo have exactly what we need to teach Raul. It just works out perfect!! So tonight we are inviting him to be baptized!! omg. Oh and the food here is okay. nothing special on west campus, but we went over to main campus today and that cafeteria is heaven!! so good. we ate so much hahah now I see why people told us we're gunna get fat in the mtc. But don't worry,...we'll only eat there on Pdays. We had service and cleaned the residence halls this morn and then headed off to the temple!! Such an amazing experience being in a session with missionaries! The spirit was so strong and every question I went in with were answered. I also got to see a new video I haven't seen yet! At main campus, I saw Spencer weening (we almost gave each other hugs and it was the funniest thing hahaha so just a handshake) and I saw Lindsey Sugharoue from working in the temple and I saw Brooke Richards from byuh!!!! Love her so much!

So thank you family/friends for writing me and dear eldering me. Bails brin and brit you are slackin sistas. Please write me they help so much! It is so good to be focused on the work or else I would be way homesick ahora. I love this gospel! It is so true! I know that I am supposed to be serving a mission  and I can't believe I was so nervous before cause this is exactly where I'm supposed to be! I love my Savior and know he lives! He knows me and you and if we just turn to him and do all we can, he will make up the rest. This work is hard but so rewarding already! Thank you for your prayers! I sure love my fam and am so grateful for the knowledge that we can be together forever!

xoxo, Hermana Farrow (that's so fun writing that)

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