Saturday, September 20, 2014

pon tu hombre a la lid!!!!

Her district going to the temple!

Personal study time outside of her apartment!

Bummer that the toilet got clogged;(

She had tears of joy when she got a care package from home!

View every morning from her apartment

I have the best companions ever!
Sept. 20, 2014

Mi familia!!!!

wow do I love you all! I seriously am so happy right now. pdays are the best! let me just tell ya that I am loving it here! I can't believe i only have 4 1/2 weeks left here! so crazy. I'm having the time of my life. I am learning so much each and everyday about myself and about this beautiful and perfect gospel. Each day is filled with something new and exciting.

I don't even know where to begin because all the days just blend together and I am typing this all so fast haha mama please fix the typos! The mission is such a great thing and this is the most amazing work. I absolutely love my companions. and this week I learned that companions are SO inspired by God. During personal study this week I was reading in D&C 6 and it gave me so much comfort as I felt like I was struggling with something. During companionship's study, hermana albach and I shared what we had both studied and she had read d&c 6 too  for some crazy reason and we realized that we were having the same struggles as each other and were able to talk it out. We both felt so much better after this and knew that we were meant to be companions and this is just one of the small reasons! I love her to death. Shes 22 and shes a nurse and she's like my mama haha. Everyone in our district started getting sick this week and since we spend so much time together that it spreads fasssst. So i started getting a sore throat and what not and hma albach made sure I went to the bookstore to buy some meds and cough drops hahaha she is the sweetest. Oh and she plays softball tooooo!! so everyday for gym time at 10:40 we usually either play volley ball or basketball or run. but this week we realized they had some mitts so we went and played catch and it was so fun haha i miss softball and i kinda forgot that I have a torn labrium and so the next day my shoulder was gone haha so we just stuck to volleyball this week and it's so fun. The elders always want me on their team cause Im the best jk ! And my other companion is great too! Hermana Myers. Shes my age and so beautiful and super sweet! I don't know her quite as well yet cause She's in intermediate Spanish and so me and hma albach are the ones who teach together and have class together.

OKAyYY so Spanish! it's coming along! we set goals every day and I can officially pray and bear my testimony and challenge someone to baptism and teach lessons in Spanish! its awesome. But still have so much work to do its not even funny haha. SO when we teach our "investigators" we usually write down word for word in Spanish what we are going to say and then just bear our testimonies on our own without looking at our notes. But this week me and albach decided that we would put our faith to the test! we prepared our lesson to Raul and only out a few main questions in Spanish to ask him in our notes and decided to go off of the spirit. which is scary cause we know like no Spanish haha. But we went in there with a prayer in our hearts and it was so amazing!! We truly spoke from our hearts and the words just came! we challenged him to baptism and committed him to be baptised in Oct 18!! (he's not a real investigator..he's actually our new teacher Brother Porter) We felt so good after the lesson and knew that that all came from the Lord and that we can trust Him for guidance. It was such a good feeling. If i feels so good now...I can't wait to get to Argentina and for realizes teach people!! This gospel is so true.

Soooo Tuesday night we had a devotional at main campus and it was broadcasted to all the MTC's you know why?? Cause a real life apostle was there!! Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak to us and man was it just what I needed to hear. He spoke on the power of prayer and communicating to our father in Heaven. One thing I loved that he said was "to reach a goal obtained you must do things you've never done before". so true. he also talked about ho blessed the sister missionaries will be from serving a mission and how it will bless our future husband and children. ahhhh. He talked about the importance of realizing that when we pray that answers will come, but they will come in the Lord's way. This was just what I need to hear. Something that I've learned at the MTC is that you must be patient. Things will come! I love in my mission call letter it says that "greater happiness that I have ever experienced is yet to come" as I faithfully serve the Lord.Oh ps I sung in the choir so I was totally on camera...well that's what the elders told me. and the mtc choir might be able to sing at general conference!!! wooohoo I'm gunna be famous.

I love this work. I love being a missionary and I love looking in the mirror each morning as I put my name tag on! Remember that God loves and knows you personally. He is there and waiting for us to humble ourselves and come unto him. I know I am not perfect, but each day I am striving to be exactly obedient. Some mission rules seem kinda silly, but even the little things I am trying to obey. Our branch pres told us that obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles.

Shout out to nanny and bompa for the cute lil package this week! Love you two so much!! And thank you mi familia for the package too! I loved the letters! Don't stop on the dear elders k! I need em! Jaime thanks for your sweet letter! love you! and kelee and uncle dave and grandma and grandpa moon too!!

OHHH and Garret!! hey come visit me! I'm in building 8R! I know you're in 7R 126 but i have like no time to go over there! I;m in hermano cuadra's class so come see me!

I love you all! smile and be happy! Pon tu hombre a la lid! (put your shoulder to the wheel) hehe my zone's fave hymn to sing.

Remember the nails!
Love, Hermana Farrow

PS some visas aren't going through to Argentina lately...3 people in my zone have been reassigned stateside. Crazzzzzy! mama let's hope we did my whole FBI clearance and fingerprints right hahaha. Love yall! all is well.

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