Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost Christmas!

Dec. 15, 2014
Last night went to hermana margaritas house cause we knew she would make us some of her famous hot choc and homemade bread to warm us up!

It was freezing rain this week.
Me and a cute girl Mica in the ward!  She drew me a lil note after we had lunch with their family.

Okay so Christmas is next weeeek? hahah what I cannot believe it. Doesn't feel like Christmas too much here in Centenario but I love every time we sing a Christmas hymn and I get so happy every time I see someone with a lil 2 foot Christmas tree in the window!

Im gunna keep this short and I don't have too much time to write! But this week was another good one. I am starting to get more comfortable with my Castellaño so thats always goood!! and finally starting to understand the people better with that cray accent.

I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday! on the importance of members in missionary work. I was nervous cause I wanted it to be goood and wanted my spanish to be goood. my prayers were def answered and not gunna lie it was one of the best talks Ive ever given! I pretty much just put my notes down and looked out into the congregation and the words just flowed. And a nice lil detail is that the power was out yesterday so the microphone wasn't on so I had to be extra loud.

I had octopus tentacles this week for lunch so thats fun and they were actually kinda good!

This week I went to Neuquen to take care of stuff for my visa! and found out one of my comps from the mtc, hna myers went home last week from severe headaches or something so thats super sad. we have christmas with the pres and his wife thursday and have interviews so that'll be good!

All is well family! I love you all and miss you like no other. So excited to sype wooohooooo!!! The church is true. keep smilin

love, hna farrow

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