Monday, January 19, 2015

Greetings from the Patagonia

Jan. 19, 2015

sad sad goodbye last week to hna lopez! oh how i love her
the lil old lady is Carmen and she is the cutest lil thing on the planet! love her so much and her grandson Mauricio is 18 and our investigator who has a date the 21 of Feb!

 this is my new comp hna caballero!
me and hna packard!!!
some of my fave less actives that went to church yesterday wohoooo!

Hello family well wowie I cannot believe another week has passed! For reals these weeks fly by. This was such a fantastic week! A week of harrrd work and miracles too!!

This week was so incredibly hot I'm surprised I made it through! We worked hard every single day and we have truly been blessed for our efforts! We have many new and awesome future investigators that I am so excited to teach! We have seen people placed in our path and have had such awesome experiences talking to people on the streets for over 30 mins about their lives and desires to change and it really is just so cool that these people feel comfortable enough to start crying and pour out their feelings to some little 19 year old girls! I feel very blessed and lucky to have the trust of these people and the accompany of the spirit for these people to feel!

We have been working like crazy with our less actives! And the bessst feeling in the world is seeing them keeping their commitments and coming to church yesterday! Just seeing them smile and the light in their eyes once again makes it all worth it!

But really I am doing grrreat and learning something new every day! I started the Book of Mormon over and my goal is to finish it before gen conf! I have the most neatest experiences every day and sorry my emails are always so brief but don't worry I have them all written in my journal! hehe. This week one of my lil awkward moments was at lunch with some old members, the Cardenas and the day before we had been fasting so I was starving for this meal haha and so I was so excited to eat and she brings out this buuuuge plate of food and its was this chicken stuff and thus interesting salad and okay so they all finished their food pretty fast and then for honestly 10 mins I was the only one eating still and no one was talking hahah and I still had corn on the cob on my plate and so obvi it was so loud and crunchy hahaha ah man so incredibly awkward I wish you were there to see bailey! haha. But anyways I am doing fab and excited for another week ahead of me! I love you all! Mosiah 24 13 and 14 are some of my faves. Chau mi familia! Les quiero muchisimo

xoxo, hermana Farrow

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