Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Jan. 13, 2015


So sorry about not writing yesterday!   They close the  cybers here when they want...and they've been closed for the last 2 days but here I am writing again...can´t believe another week has passed! que locooo.

Anyways, we had transfers and I am officially done with my training!  wooohooo!  SO I'm official now and it's cool.  I said bye to hna Lopez sunday night and that was the saddest thing ever and I will miss her so dang much. She is the sweetest and the best mama and trainer I could have  asked for.  So crazy how close you can get to someone in such a short amount of time!

But yesterday I took a taxi to Neuquen and picked up my new companion! Hna Caballero! She is the cutest thing and from Lima Peru. And she's 19 too so thats exciting! Hna Alback and Hna Lopez were both 22 so this is a lil different.   She is super motivated and has 10 months in the mish. Yesterday on our first day together we already have had success in finding people. I know miracles are going to happen this transfer. Im leading the area cause she's brand new, so this is fun fun and a lil stressful but so good for me because its allowing me to rely on the spirit even more than  before. Our awesome investigator is out of town this week so next week were gunna have such fantastico lessons with him and we are going to baptize him I can just feel it.

My Spanish is really coming along guys! Like sometimes I am so shocked at the things that I am able to say and the words that come out. Well I'm not shocked..because obviously it is all from the spirit! I am so pumped for this transfer and really am falling in love with this work as I rely upon the Savior. I miss and love my family oh so much!! And hope you all have a great weeeeekkk!!!!!

Oh yes almost forgot...we have some crazy new changes in the mission and no longer have to report out goals to Pres Lovell every week.  We are only telling numbers of baptisms and number of attendance at church.   I  am super excited for this and we are going to see miracles. We are getting a new mish pres in July and he's from Uruguay so thats cool!

Con amor,
hermanita farrow

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