Monday, February 22, 2016

Blazing the Trail

Down to one more letter.  This was to me one of the best letters we've ever received from her. 

HELLLO dear family. we had such a great week! Seriously we are seeing miracles. its SO COOOL and exciting. The Lord loves us :) okay so my Heavenly Father is helping me out a lot by allowing me to see my weaknesses and giving me trials. I am such an imperfect person. The Lord is molding me into someone more like His perfect son Jesus Christ. I am learning so much as I recognize my sins and mistakes that I make each day, as little or as big as they may be. I absolutely love serving Gods children. it makes so so happy.

Our investigator Jose now has come to church 6 times. He is so special. He says he will be baptized when he receives an answer if the church is true. The thing is....he has ALREADY received that answer. The whole last week we talked to him about revelation and the way the spirit works and how the Lord answers our prayers. His heart is changing! We fasted for him yesterday. He alos attempted to fast. He has a baptismal date for next saturday the 27. I am determined that the Lord will put an answer or a feeling or something into his heart this week! I know He will.

We also met some sweeeeet people this week! Basically, they contacted us. This man named Hector was walking towards us on the street and passed us...then came back and asked if we were missionaries from the iglasia de jesucristo de los santos de los ULTIMOS TIEMPOS haha lol but we were like yesssss we sure are!! he is super interested in the mormon religion and we totally gave him a BOM. This whole week he has texted us and told us he's reading it along with the Bible, and this morn he texted us and said he wants us to come over and help with his doubts! wooohoo. We have a new investigator named Nury from the dominican rep and she's so cool and used to go to church back in her country. she came with us to church yesterday! We taught the young women's class yesterday about treating our body like a temple. Made me miss my sweet lil hermanitas at home and also my lil beehives that i used to teach way back when. I am doing great and im very happy. just boppin along here in rincon de los sauces! I love you and wish you a marvelous week. remember who loves ya! (me hehe) and jesus

Hermana Farrow

just some pics from yesterday. we had lunch with our investigator Jose and his fam after church!

this is just me manning the asado. look at all thats yummmmy meat :D

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