Monday, December 28, 2015

felicessss fiestas yo

hi guys. long time no talk ha ha.

hope yall have a verrrry murrry christmas! I love my fam oh so much, so fun talkin to yall and seeing that you're all the same, good ole farrow fam. I'm excited to try out the new hover board. Christmas sure is different on the mission, especially in argie! But it was such a good one. it was 99 degrees on Christmas day so that's always exciting! we spent the day with members and had fun fun. On Saturday we dedicated our day to talking with everyone and inviting everyone to church. we had 4 investigators come to church yesterday and our investigators and progressing! good things are happening! Today is a shortened pday and we will begin working around 3 pm instead of 6pm because Friday (news years day) will be like another pday. i think were going hiking on Friday so I'm excited!!!!

mama when you guys come we need to go to bariloche, so maybe you could look into some cool stuff like sailing or something like that hehe.

 Life is goood! Very hard and it seems like just when all things are going right, more and more trials come up. I was reading the BOM last night and read 2 nephi 7:8-9. God is with us, He knows our hearts and has all power to heal and help. I love this goespel, it is oh so true.

Hermana Farrow

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