Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfers yo

HIIIIII everyone!! Wow what a week it has been. I had my last ofical day iun Roca yesterday. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting an it was so sad cause I just love all those people so much. Last week the Lord blessed us so much and we have an awesome new investogator named Valeria! All her fam are members but her and she totally has changed from the beginning to the time i was in roca til now. She basically put her own baptismal date for this upcoming saturday and she is so pumped! Shes just gotta get married real quick before hehe, but miracles will happen! SOOO my days in General Roca are over and Ive been transferred to proba my very last area, Rincon de los Sauces!!!! I literally am PUMPED. My comp is hna dandaluz from caaguazu,paraguay! scott do you know where that is?? shes so so great. she has 7 months in the mish. the whole district that was here was whitewashed, sooo we are alll brandnew here! We are so excited. Its just us 2 and the ZLs. The church is only 2 years old here and apparently this is the greatest and most successful part of the mish! woohoo. I literally feel so blessed to be here. Everyone in the mission is talking about this new change. When we got off the 5 hour bus ride, we were welcomed by the branch prez and his councelors!! The spirit is literally so strong here there are miracles awaiting this place. I am so exciteddddd! Haha. for reals

Okay so it is officially the worst thing in teh world leaving an area. Last night was soo sad leaving iara and silvana and that fam. I cried. like a baby and the spirit confirmed to me that i knew them before this life and promised i would find and try to help them. Silvana is still struggling with smoking, but i know she will get through it. I love them so so much. i cant believe how lucky i am that my parents are coming here so that i can go back and see them, and ever greater than that, that my parents will get to meet the people i love so much.

I love you all and im feeling so grateful in this Christmas time to have a savior. He literally has saved us from everything. i love Him and know He lives. Have a happy week :) cant believe ill be talkin to yall so soon on Christmas yipeeee

Hermana Farrow

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