Monday, December 21, 2015

feliz navidad yall

HOLA FAMILIA!! Wow has this been such a spectacular week. En serio, we have had so much success, the Lord truly is blessing us it is amazing. We´ve been led to the most prepared people in these last few days. Rincon de los Sauces es la tierra prometida. for reals I'm so happy to be here. The people have never heard of our church cause its only been here for 2 years and so they  are so willing to listen to us. We are working our lil tails off. It is SO HOT here haha its basically like Arizona and my tan lines are awesome. Does not feel like Christmas is this week at allll haha but i am so excited to skype yall!! woohooo cant wait to fill ya in on all the good stuff.

Ill be on around 11 am/12ish your time. Like 3/4 pm my time. SO just make sure to have Skype opened and ready so we can work it all out! yeeeeeeee im so excited to see my lil fam!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Drink some eggnog and red velvet cake for me

Hermana Farrow

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