Monday, August 17, 2015


Aug. 17, 2015

This is all I got this week.....but she sounds great!!!!  No pics;(

HI FAM! okay so first of all Im in love with garrets wedding pics. SOS TAN CAPO PRIMO!!! Te quiero!! SO excited for you guys. Tiffany is a beauty and i looove her dress omg. SO this week was fantastic. For reals such a grrreat week. I love my new area. The members are soo great and we gunna seee miracles this transfer. We went to Neuquen this week for a meeting with all the leaders of the mission. It was literally the most powerful and awesome thing. We have a goal as a mission to baptize 175 people before 29 august. That means 2 baptisms every companionship. We are so pumped. I know we will do it without a doubt! At the end of the meeting, we all sang the spirit of God and like I tell you the truth I have never felt the spirit like that. SO amazing to feel of the power and reality of this work. Our new mish pres is awesome and has so much faith. My faith is increasing and I am a happy camper here in Roca. My district and zone are so awesome and were already so united. We already saw miracles this week. Its amazing to see the Lords hand in this work, I know he is blessing us as a mission, and is blessing me personally. I am gaining a love for my Savior and his gospel that I never knew I could have. He lives and stands shoulder to shoulder with us day to day. Trust in Him! Thats what I am doing! I love you all! ps farrows in the narrows...classic hahaha.

Hermana Brookie!!

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