Monday, August 10, 2015


Aug. 10, 2015

Well hola! Happy pday day you guys! wooow so I finished the longest, and greatest transfer of my life. 8 weeks long! But spent with the best comp ever. I was transferred this morn to ROCA, my area is called Universitario. SOo I was already in this zone a few transfers ago when I was in cervantes. But hey  its all good and for some reason Im back in this zone! Im pumped to be here and work and work and work. My  comps name is Hna Llamo from Peru! SHes about 4 feet tall and super cute. Elder Sulzen is in my zone haha so that ll be fun to talk about good ole Esco memories!

Wow so this week sure was a good one. We had a ward talent show this week that us misisonaries planned and put together. Me hna terry and the elders all sang and did the Cup Song from pitch perf. It was so fun and everyone loved it haha. Also, for a relief society activity this week, me and terry taught all the lady's to make hummus!! They loved it and were super excited to write down teh recipe and make it!

OMG before I forget HAPPPY BURTHDAY BROTHA BLAKE!! Oh how I love you and send you the biggest birthday abrazos y besos from Argentina. te quiero hermanito

This week we got a random text from someone asking if we were the American missionary girls...obvio we said yeah. Turns out it was this guy named Nacho who we had given a lil passalong card to a few weeks ago. he asked to meet us in the park that day. SO we went and we just had the coolest lil talk with this guy! Hes new to Neuquen, so we obvi gave him the welcome haha. Hes from Mendoza, AR. Hes like 25...and has no friends here so he wanted to get to know some peeps. We talked ot him for a lil but them had to go cause we had an appointment. But we asked if we could sing him a song and then say a prayer with him. We sang lead kindly light..and not kidding, the spirit literally was so strong.Afterwards he told us that not only his ears were filled, but also his whole body  was filled with something he'd never felt before. I love the way just singing a simple hymn can bring the spirit so strong, just in a random park. Turns out he doesn't live in our area, but still such a sweet experience and such a nice kid.

Aw man I don't have too much more time and I'm sacred to send pics cause this computer says theres a virus, so ill save that for next week. But I am stoked for this next transfer. I love this work that I am a part of. On the hour and a half bus ride I had over here to roca this morn, I just looked ou the window the whole time with tears in my eyes as I said a prayer of thanks. I am so blessed. So grateful for my mission. Yesterday was so hard saying by to the members and friends Ive made in Neuquen. These are eternal friendships im making and I just have so much love for these people. Especially so hard saying by to Marisol last night! She is the best and is my Argentina mom.

I love you all and wish you a happy week!

Love hermana farrow

ps so sad sugar and honey are gone! but its for the betta, they always kinda bugged me. and i absolutely loove the pic of my cute grandparents and Molly! love you all chau chau

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