Monday, August 31, 2015


we figured out theres a secret door in our apartment complex that leads to the roooof! entonces, photoshhhoooot!

on our way home from church yesterday with our cute lil investogator friend iara! love her and this canal

pics with a cute part member fam! we are working with them and two of these cute lil girls were baptized about a year ago. i absolutely love this lil boy, the lil baby. his name is bejamin and is 2 and my comp call him jimmy neutron and im like hna you cant call him that infron of the family hahaha. good times

August 31, 2015

Hi guys! so it has been a goood week. SO hate to break it to ya, but we did not have any baptisms. BUT HEY its alll goood!! Seriously these people will be baptized here in the next few weeks. Claudio is slowly gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM. He actually went to have a baptismal interview with our district leader, but he didn't pass bc he smoked that day. But it actually was a tender mercy that he did, because we want him to have a solid testimony before he is baptized. The lil girl Pricilla will be baptized in like 2 weeks!

This week we were so blessed to find this girl named Lara! She literally is an angel and una investigadora de oro. She's 12 and one day this week we were walking in the street and she ran up to us and asked if we were from the church. She invited us in and made us pizza haha and we taught a ll about God and Jesus Christ and she totes wants to be baptized. Her fam is so great and hopefully will give her permission to do it! She came to have a lil tour of the chapel on Saturday with us, and then on Sunday she came to stake conference and loved it! We put a baptismal date with her for Brits birthday! the 26 of sept hehe! SUper stoked she's awesome.

On wednesday we will be heading to Neuquen to hear elder Teixeira speak to our misison! he's from the 70 and so that will be sick. Im so excited to see all my mission pals too!!

Yesterday we helped a recent covert in our ward named Alejandra make emapanadas to sell! We made 12 dozen! Im a pro and will be fun to help you all fall in love with empanadas, they're addicting. But yeah I am doing real good! The ward is all heading off to Buenos Aires tomorrow for they're annual temple trip!! They are all so excited. WHat a blessing it is for us to be able to drive 30 mins to the temple. They take a 14 hour bus ride. I love you all and wish you a happpy week! and HAPPY BDAY KEVLARRR on the 4th! love you poops! you da best dad iv e ever had.

Hermana Farrow

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