Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey guys!!!!

us on our way back from neuquen! bus full of gringos. shout out to elder sulzen there in the back

and our zone lunch in a "chinese" buffet, but only had fried rice and chow mein..wasn't really chinese food.. last week that was sooo rico!

one of my lil friends maite totally knows how to do the cup song so i was teaching her the words haha

  me and my amiga Iara yesterday takin a break after the lonnng walk home from church!

Sept. 7, 2015

Hola como estan queridos! This week was real good! Tuesday was "el dia de Roca" (it was our citys birthday) so there was a huge parade throughout the city and then at night a big concert. Iv e never seen more people in the street here probs because they are all usually sleeping the siesta haha. We live like right in centro so we heard the concert all night long and obvio we couldn't sleep...especially when the fireworks started going off at midnight!! So obvi we had to run up to our roof to take pics. So fun #happybdayroca

On Wednesday we left super early and bussed it to Neuquen. Elder Texeira from the 70 came! Like 75% of the whole mission was there so it was so packed. Before the actual conference, we had a meeting with just the zone leaders and sis training leaders and him and his wife. It was So SWEEET and we all sat at a table talking and I sat right across from him and he was literally staring into my eyes and preaching into my soul. haha but it was so special just to be in a lil room with about 20 missionaries, our president, and him! The spirit was so strong and he totes dropped the cane on obedience. He actually slammed his hand on th table. it was kinda scary haha. He is such a cool guy and I received a lot of personal revelation during this conference. So fun seeing other companions and missionaries too!

Oh yeah my comp had lice this week and so my head was so itchy this whole week but turns out it was just my mind playing tricks on me cause I didn't have it. But we will seeeee because our investigator Iara has lice too! uh ohh. but she doesn't know she has it, my comp saw it roamin around in her hair yesterday. oh boy. speaking of Iara, she came to church again yesterday and is totes progressing and so great. We taught her plan of salvation and she loved it. She bought us mini bible keychains and wrote us the sweetest little note saying "thank you for teaching me about Jesus" and other cute stuff. We are teaching her the gospel of Christ tonight!!

Tonight after the lesson we will be taking a bus to Villa Regina and go on exchanges with sisters over there. Exchanges are great...I think I learn more from the other sisters than they might from me. Being an hna leader is fun, a lot of work, and drama, but fun!

I sure love you all! Cant believe summer is finally coming to an end for you all and you'll be headed up to school this week! Gooood luck with everything. that'

I found this quote this week and thought id share it, might help someone who reads this letter "We often talk in church about coming unto Christ. Perhaps we should talk more about how Christ also comes to us. We sing "Who's on the Lords side? Who?" Let us also sing "Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side". We never have more value in the Lords sight than when we are feeling completely worthless."

I know this is the truth! We are so loved. The Savior of the world is on our team, how can we fail?! Have a great week guys i sure love and miss you!

Hermana Farrow

ps i will hit my 1 year mark this week. WHAT

s so exciting! and once again i hope you had a lovely bday dad! love you big guy.

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