Monday, September 28, 2015

wake me up when spetember ends

A little piece of home.....USA!!!

Wishing sissy a big happy bday!

Leadership meeting in Neuquen.......I love all of them!

sept 28, 2015

JK about the subject, i just thought it was appropriate cause septembers almost done lol. BUT HEY GUYS!!! how yall doing. We had such a GREAT week here in Roca. For reals I believe one of the best in my mission. But before I get any further...happpppy birthday to my beautiful sissy Brittt! Oh how I love you sister and hope you had the most special day! #26años

SO about this week!! We have 3 new greenies in our district and it is so FUN! ones from mexico and 2 from utah. So crazy to think that just a lil year ago i was in the same boat as these kids and couldn't speak nada. We are super pumped as a district to work together! We also had a huge stake activity here in roca and watched meet the mormons in a big theater! it was such a success and tons of investigators came so thats epic.

But the best thing that happened is this. SO Iara was supposed to be baptized on saturday right...well that did not happen but its totally fine because her dad is out of town traveling but is coming in a few weeks, and she wants her dad to be there for her baptism! So this will be good so she can be even more prepared than she already is! But heres the thing. Her mom is Silvana and she is so great. We had a lesson with her this week and the spirit was so there. We talked about temples and the young womens pres of the ward was there too and shared such a beautiful testimony with Iara and silvana. So we invited silvana to church on sunday. She was super hesitant to say yes cause she works allll night long saturday night and doesn't get home till 7 AM on sunday mornin..and church is at 9:30. But we made a promise with her that through this sacrifice she would literally be able to see a difference in her week and that she would be so blessed. She accepted!! SO sunday morning we decided to whip up some banana bread and went to their house at 8 am to have breakfast with silvana so that she wouldn't go to sleep! We ate and then us 4 were off to church. It was such a perfect sunday and she loved it. We have a lesson with them tonight again and we are so pumped. Silvana has a few problems like smoking and works at a club, but is such a great mom and person. I love her! So excited to see her progress.

Guys I just love being a missionary. I cant even describe it. I have the most amazing spiritual experiences every day that just lift me up and make me so happy. Yesterday we were walking home from church to eat lunch and we walked passed this homeless man. I got this prompting to turn back and talk to him...but I totally started thinking otherwise, thinking that he was only gunna ask for money like others do. But I followed the spirit and we turned around. His name is Jorge! We gave him a pass along card with a pic of Christ. We started talking to him and he had tears in his eyes. We got his address and invited him to church and then I asked if there was anything we could do for him..and he grabbed my hand and buried his face in it and started balling. It was such a beautiful moment. He didn't say much, but we all felt so peaceful and the love of our Heavenly Father. Im so grateful I was strong enough to follow that prompting to turn around. I love this work and love meeting Gods children each day. WHat a blessing it is so be in the service of our Lord and King.

Have a great week and I hope you all enjoy general conference! Hey and shout out to elder haynie thats so sweet he gets to speak.

Love hermana farrow

Ps: be a seeker of happiness Alma 27:18

pps: I went to the doctor for myself for the first time in my whole mission on wednesday this week...turns out my intestines are enflamed haha. So i was on a pretty gnarly diet this week of eating only rice, jello, mashed up squash, gatorade and water. I felt like i was eating baby food the whole time. And im taking some meds. but the pain has gone away a lot and i feel much better! I go again to the doc tomorrow but im am doing a lot better so no need to worry!! #intestinosenflamados

and brittany, gabi and camila wish you a very happy birthday!!!

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