Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Precious 3 hour old Fransisco!
Getting baby hungry!

Making empenadas!

 me and my bffs after conference on saturday. iara and her bro miyen

The gringos watching conference!

Oct 5, 2015

Hi famila como andan todos?!

Hope all is well! This has been a great week for us here on the bottom of the world. To cut to the chase, i absolutely loved conference! So so awesome and passed by way too fast! SO cool seeing the new apostles being called and I received a witness from the spirit after each one of them spoke that they, indeed are called of God. Our poor Prophet is getting older :( He is so great and I loved the scripture he used, be thou an example of the believers. One of my fave talks was Pres uchtdorfs...its so true that sometimes we just make everything so complicated! It doesn't need to be like that, the gospel is simple and we can be simple too. I also loved Elder Hollands about the mothers. Made me miss my mama, but made me so proud to have a mother who is the most caring and perfect mother for me, the greatest example of a strong testimony and unending love for her family. Made me think of my sis sissy Brittany and her love for her children...the kind of mama I want to be one day!

Speaking of mom and kids and stuff...this week one of our investigators, Rosario, had her baby boy this week! She didn't have anyone to come help her in the hospital, so she asked us to come. Rosario was in so much pain and was not doing to well and couldn't care for her own baby. SO i got the chance to hold this perfect lil newborn just 3 hours after he was born! Just so precious and sweet. Made me baby hungry haha. jk. See pics below hehe. His name is Francisco!

Also, Lara is planning on getting baptized on saturday! Her dad comes into town this week and then she will ask his permission. SHe came to all 4 sessions of general conference. She's basically already a member and such a sweet girl. I didn't even listen to all 4 sessions back at home! She's so awesome. Her bro Miyen is 17 and he started showing more interest this week in listening to us! He totally surprised us and came to sat morn session! Tears welled up in my eyes and I was so happy to see him! Iaras mom also came sunday afternoon! Woohoo! Speaking of sunday afternoon, shoutout to elder haynie! Such a good talk I loved it. We had this awesome idea this week...our ward doesn't have very cute baptismal clothes for girls, so we are gunna use my companions talents (she worked as a seamstress person before the mish) and we are going to make a lil dress for her baptism! we bought the fabric today :)) yay for learning new things.

Good things are happening here. We are seeing progress and the help of our father in heaven everyday! I sure love you all! PLease keep Lara in your prayers and that her dad will give her the approval to be baptized!! Talk to y'all next week!

Hermana Farrow

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