Monday, October 19, 2015


Oct. 19, 2015

Well hi family how are you all!

I had a fantastic week! Lara was baptized on saturday and it was the most beautiful baptism! Seriously such a sweet and special spirit was there and is something I will remember forever.  She comes from a huuuuge fam of like 8 brothers and sisters, so she invited them all! Seriously the biggest turn out at a baptism I've ever seen in argentina haha. We have a lot of awesome future investigators! The family loved it and are all so proud of Lara! I love her so much. So amazing to see the our hard exhausting work eventually pays off into the most incredible moments.

Thats probs all im gunna say now about this week! We are sure working  hard here in Roca. I love being a missionary and weird to think one day I'll actually not be a full time missionary. How sad. But its okay I still got a while left! The craziest things happen here everyday hahaha like yesterday we were just walking in the street and this man comes up to us and starts preaching to us. He told us the spirit led him to us and then he told me that I was a prophet...and he told me that he knows I have pain in my lower back (either he reads minds or a really good guess cause that was so true haha) and so he "anointed" me hahaha oh man I was trying so hard to be serious. We asked if we could leave him with a i said it and then he put his hands on our shoulders during my prayer and he started speaking another language. so that was cool! hahaha oh man he also told my comp she has a broken heart, but that he could help heal it if she wanted.

The best days are spent in this holy land of argentina! I love it and i love all you! thanks for being the most supportive and amazing fam. Hey mama it was mothers day here yesterday and made me miss ya a lil more than i already do! Know that i love u mommy! Have a fantastic week

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