Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lot A Love!

we slept on the roof hehe shh
cause its starting to get hot!!!!!!!!!!

i like turtles. right after this pic, the turtle bit the lil girls finger pobrecita haha. ps this is our new investigator Ximena! Shes so cute and 8 and we are teaching her and her sis and their fam! ximenas dad is the brother of iara!

Nov 4, 2015

Well hi you guys!

Feliz halloween last week! Best costume goes to the SWAT man, my lil guy Cammy! and lil piggy Em too!

Well today starts the mark of my 3rd to last transfer here in the mish. Ohh transfers. Went to bed at 2 am last night helping my compie pack. She's off and it was sad sayin bye, buuuut my new comp is Hermana Goodfellow!! we were in the MTC together and she's one of my bffs in the mish! We are so pumped. I love my area and super happy to be here still. SOOOO things that happened this week. I dyed my hair. Its kinda super dark #woops. but whatevs now i fit in with my argentine people. We are working a lot with Silvana, Lara´s mama. I love her.  Little  by lil the Lord is softening her heart. She came to a relief society dinner that the young women put on and she loved it. When I fasted for fast sunday, I was planning on fasting for other investigators we have, but during my prayer I felt impressed to fast for Silvana, that she can have desires to change and give up her habits. Last night we went over to their house so hna llamo could say bye and it literaly was so sad. Hna Llamo bore her testimony to her and the fam. We read Mosiah 27 and explained that even Alma the younger, one of the most violest of sinners was able to have a change of heart and recieve a remission of his sins. Hna llamo gave a lil goodbye testimony, and said that Silvana would one day enter to the temple with her family. When she said that, the spirit seriously hit my like a ton of bricks and confirmed to me that yes, onnnne day she will!! I wasnt even the one saying goodbye yesterday, but I was totes a baby and cried when hna llamo was saying bye to them. My prayers have been answered time after time, because the Lord has blessed me with an imense LOVE for these people. I am learning a lot about the gift of charity. I never knew that I would be capable of doing the things I am doing. But I am learnign so much, i learn from my mistakes every day and I am striving to be my best.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Hey and real soooon we´ll all be skyping woooo! Love you mi familia eterna. How cool is it that we are an eternal family?

Hermana Brookie


  1. OMG hi Brooklyn I miss you and love you so much!!!! Is there a way we can email each other?!