Monday, November 16, 2015

Visions and Stuff

us and iara too after church yesterday
Add captionmet this lil girl on teh bus and shes MORMON! best surprise of my life. she sang i am a child of god together a good 10 times on the bus ride

us and some fishys yummmm
 just me and my compi hermana goodfellow. shes such a good fellow i love her!

hI fam hows it goin! So I heard we are going into world war 3 or something? or at least thats what the Argentines tell us. haha. a bombing in France! oh no que triste. and osama bin laden or whatevs is alive? lol

okay. so we had a great week here! I absolutely love my companion. We just understand eachother so well and we are learning so much together. its great and we have so much fun preaching the good news! Missionary work is so fun.

We had such a sweet zone training on Tuesday! We all got the chance to share our testimonies to eachother, which is something that we usually dont do, well obvio everyday with everyone, but this time was different and so special.

We had a lesson with Silvana this week and we realized that we needed to focus on her needs, which included that she feeels she hasnt recieved an answer to her prayers if God reallly really exists, if the chruch is true all tht jazz. So we decided to pray with her right there in her home. She said the prayer, we thought she was gunna say it out loud but she did a personal one in her heart. We sat there for a good 5-6 mins in silence, and i was just prayyyying like crazy that she would recieve an answer of feel something! So after the 5 mins, she said amen and opened up her eyes and just had the biggest smile on her face! She kept saying "que lindo, que lindo". She told us that the scene in the movie of when Christ appears to Mary at the tomb came to her mind, and that she had an overwhelming love for these 2 people in that moment. Literally the most beautiful spirit was there and it was such a testimony builder to me that when we truly are humble and with real desires, God always answers. We helped Silvana recognize this as her answer. She then told us that she believes the church is true. MIRACLESSSSSS. so sweeeet! She has a looot to do to prepare for her baptism, but nothing is impossible. BTW, mom and dad and fam, silvana says hi to you all! haha. Cant wait for mom and dad to meet her! I love her so much.

We also had such a cool experience with a lil old grandma on the street yesterday. we basically taught her lesson 1 in the street and she didn't seem toooo interested. But then we started sharing joseph smiths story with her and recited the first vision, and she just started crying. She told us that she had seen that same vision before many years ago, not god and Christ, buit had seen j mith praying in the was so COOL and we invited her to be baptised and she said she needs to ask her husband hehe. but wow we have seen so many miracles these past few days. Miracles are real! I wish you all the greatest week! Love you so so much.

Hermana Farrow

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