Monday, November 30, 2015

Cat Lady

me and my cat friend. sometimes animals are the only ones who like us :)
Hi you guys!!!!! Happy thanksgiving to my wonderful family. I love you all and I cant put into words the gratitude i have for my eternal family. Looks like you all enjoyed your turkey day!! We did too here!! We had a typical argentine lunch of meat and pasta. But then we decided to celebrate and bought ice cream when the day finished and brought it home and just feasted. Happy thankgiving to us!! This weeeek was a good one. My poor comp was sick a few days with a cold pobrecita. But we managed to work and get the work done. Our prayers were answered big time and 2 of our investigadors came to church! wooohoo. Yesterday was a good one. I love sundays.Also this week we met up with this girl Shea who is a foreign exchange student from San Fran area and shes LDS and in our ward. I love her and we are like best friends haha shes 15 but we get a long so well. Shes informing us on all the crazy stuff happening in the world and she couldn't believe we didn't know anything thats been happening! But we have been reading the BOM with her in ENGLISH! and it has been so much fun. It would be fun to be a missionary in the US. Makes me excited to share the gospel with my friends who speak english (all of them lol).

Also Ive been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately and its been so special to see some of these blessings already being fulfilled in my life and mission. I am so grateful to be here in Argentina. The things I am learning from the people and from the Lord are things I will treasure forever. There's nothing like being on the Lords errand. I love Him. I love you all and hope you have a happy week!

My comp shared a quote with me this week: It is better to walk with God in the darkness, than without Him in the light.

xoxo, Hermana Brookie

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