Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

HI family como andamos? Hope all is weelll! Dont have tooo much to report on this week but it was a good one! So this week there's been some esorrrow in roca cause there a big canal here that runs through the city and a 14 year old girl drowned this week :( so that was super sad, but hey maybe it will soften the hearts of the people and they'll be more receptive! Also other sadness, hna myers and hna flores (the other sisters in our zone) are on their way home on the plane right now cause they both have super bad problems with their heads and headaches and stuff. so thats such a bummer and now me and hna goodfellow are the only sisters in our zone haha. like u saw in the pic, we weren't allowed to leave the pension yesterday except for church and lunch with a member. It felt like a normal sunday at home, coming home after church an taking a nice long Sunday nap...super weird though. we found a few new investigators this week that have a lot of potencial! our plan is to work a lot more with the members in our ward so come to the lessons with us cause we know thats what helps our investigators progress. Silvana is still working on her goal to quit smokng and didn't come to church yesterday :( i was so bummmmed. But we have a great week planned ahead. I hope all is well at home and that you enjoy thanksgiving! it'd be nice if u guys would email me too hehe so i could know what going on with your lives! love you all so much. thanks for being the best fam and your your prayers. Jesus Christ lives and I am finding my testimony being strengthened on the daily. I am learning to love in a way i didnt think i could. the best medicine is serving others. when we think of ourselves, we aren't happy. we gotta get outa our comfort zone and serve. this is what i have learned and i am happy :)

hermana farrow
happpy birhtday hna myers! had a nice lil luncheon with the other sisters in our pension full of empanadas and salad

photo shoot on the roof

and us yesterday just watchin ephraims rescue cause we couldnt leave the pension except for church cause argentina had their elections yesterday! yay for new presidents

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