Monday, September 14, 2015

Roca Happenings!

Sept. 14, 2015
me and Hna Himle on exchanges last week! She's from Bakersfield and we had such a fun day together. this is us with our facturas after a lonnng day

this is Marcos and Belen!!! cute lil fam and these are the delish canalones we ate

us and 2 cute girls from the ward!Add caption

HI fam!!

Happy first day of school to my hermanos bails chels and blakey!  so exciting you guys are little students! how fun. Well what a great week I had here. Good things are happening! Ya know our investigator Iara, the cute 12 year old girl, well she went to church again yesterday and is progressing very nicely for her baptism on the 26. we are so excited and I love her so much. Walking home from church yesterday, she told me and my comp she wants to serve a mission one day. music to my ears. she's so great. So the only thing that could possibly impede her baptism is her mama. her mom is so great, but she knows that baptism is a responsibility. We invited her and the mom to a ward FHE last night...and i was kinda hesitant for the mom to come cause usually FHEs are not the greatest, or not planned very well, or like no one comes haha. But I just prayed and prayed that she would enjoy it and at least be able to feel the spirit and feel something different about being inside the church. These prayers were sure answered! The turnout was so great and the sister who taught the lesson taught about families and literally the night was so perfect!! I was in awe and miracles are real. She told us she loved it and is excited to come to the ward talent show that we are planning on saturday! wooohoooo!

On saturday night we got invited to have dinner with our new investigators, Belen and Marcos and their 2 daughters! Which is like so cool cause we rarely get invited for dinners! Belen made canalones! (basically my fave food here). So it was all going well. And then some comments were made between them and then they just totally started fighting! :( like legit yelling at each other and they both were crying. Me and my comp were just sitting there with their 9 and 6 year old daughters. It was so sad. I honestly did not know what else to say except that Jesus can help their relationship! because I don't know! my parents have never had huge fights.... haha but my comp said some nice inspired stuff. It broke my heart to see all this happening in front of their lil daughters. But the good thing is Marcos and Belen really like us and want us to come back. SO cool the trust that they already have in us. We will see how this week goes with them! Also, remember how I said that I wanted to be a "counselor" after the mish....from this experience I don't know if that is still something that I want to do haha. But who knows!

OKay so we are already in our last week of this transfer. Cannot believe have fast these weeks have flown by here in Roca. We had interviews with president last week! It was just a nice short interview but went really well. So different with a latino pres, cause it was all in spanish! But hey guys i am doing good and pressin on. The days are long but weeks, transfers, months, and now YEARS are short. I love it here despite all the crazy things that we see and experience! Keep Iara and her mom Silvana in your prayers! I love you all y espero que tengan una semana llena de sonrisas y arcoiris haha. Les amo mas que saben.

Hermana Farrow

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