Monday, March 2, 2015

todo bien

Hermana Farrow and Hermana Houston make a good companionship!

The most beautiful sight. Happy baptism day Anyta!!

more pics from the beautiful day yesterday!! and this is me and my comp hna houston!!

Oh so people here have been starting to call me hna lighthouse, cause faro in Spanish is lighthouse and they all say I shine and have the face of an actress so I guess Ill take it!

HOLLA!! oh man look where we are another week has passed! And guys this week we were with an investigator and they asked me how much time i still have in the mission and i realized i only have 1 year. and i like started freaking out haha noo i don't ever want to leave. Anyways this week seriously was such a great one. I know I say that like every week, but for reals this was good!

First of all thank you grandpa Moon for your email! You are the best and I totally started tearing up here reading it. I have the best grandparents. And just so yall know, I'm like and hour and a half from Neuquen in a bus! Cervantes is close to Roca! And cervantes is like all chacras. (fields) and so everrrryyyone gives us fresh fruit that they brought home from working in the fields. SO that's good and should be good for my stomach and to balance out all the carne haha. Oh so people here have been starting to call me hna lighthouse, cause faro in Spanish is lighthouse and they all say I shine and have the face of an actress so I guess Ill take it!

Also as I said before I pretty much embarrass myself at least once a day and on my second day here we were eating lunch with a less active and I was sitting at the end of the table and they were all looking at something in the middle of the table, so I obvi wanted to see too so I leaned forward and forgot that table probs aren't too sturdy here, and the table like almost flipped over and oh my cant even explain it but I just kept saying discuple!! and oh man it was so funny but I almost broke their table to that was fun.

But for reals I am loving this area already. It's so tiny and cute and I love my comp. oh man I have like no time to write...I just wish i could send you guys my diary so yall could read the amazing lil things the Lord puts in our path everyday. We had a baptism this week..a girl named Anyta who I absolutely love to death already. We are just working on her mom now...the only thing holding her back is that shes living with a guy. That's the biggest problem here in Argentina just to letcha know. But There are sooo many prepared people here and it is incredible to meet these people that are so interested and ready to hear this perfect message. We met with this lady who's father died last week and she was just bawling in the lesson. And the spirit honestly was overflowing in the room and it was so sweeeet to see how much better she felt after we explained that her dad is okay and in a place and state resting form all of his enfermades and worldly cares. cant think of the words in English. But such a cool lesson with her and we will go back this week! There is so much potencial in this area and I am so pumped. I love being a missionary. I really do and I know I say this probs every week but it is because it is so true and I couldn't be more thankful to my Father in Heaven for sending me to this amazing place to learn and grow...because really I am the one growing. My investigators are the ones teaching me. Spanish is awesome I love it so much. Cant wait to talk to my grandparents and mama and bro when I get back wooohoo! And hey we'll be skyping pretty soon here! Its already March whaaaaat?! Okay gotta jet. But I LOVE you all! Have a happy week!

Hermana Lighthouse

Cut and Paste Answers:

1.  How is your comp? so grerreat!!! love her to death
2.  How is the church building? good we have to take a 30 min bus ride to get there
3.  Do you have investigators? yep we are finding new ones each day!
4.  Is area poorer, or about the same as last? maybe a lil poorer...def smaller
5.  How is your apartment? tiny but cute!!
6.  How far from mission home? about an hour or 2
7.  Did your old comps tooth work out?  shes good i think haha
7.  You eating ok? yep!

hi mama i ma doing great!! stomach aches every day but whats new haha! i love this area and am so happy. thanks for everything. i couldn't really understand the BYUH stuff...nor don't have too much time to look into it. but yeah it would be awesome to be some type of cousleor or something! haha but for real. love you tons mama. dont worry about me, im all smiles and having the time of my life

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