Monday, March 9, 2015

la vida en la patagonia

March 9,2015

Hey there everyone Hermana Farrow here. SO this week wasn't tooo exciting or anything but we had some fuuun! We are finding new investigators and have had some sweet lessons this week!

So this pic is of me and Lujan. She is the girlfriend of a menos activo and we went to their house this week to paint their house. Me and my comp were laughin that they don't use any blue tape or put plastic or anything down...the floor was covered with drops of paint and so messy. And also you can see I was covered with paint because Lujan thought she was so funny cause I took a pic of her and she came charging at me with her paintbrush. ANyways we had a lot of fun and had some fun laughs this day. SHe is so hilarious and we are going to start teaching her!!

Also this pic of us was from yesterday with Liliana and Joes and their fam. we got a text from them when we were at church and said that they were outside of the church...which is a miracle to a missionary to read these words. so awesome this fam came to church and then invited us to an asado after church at their house. and then we helped clean bottles so they can make and store salsa!! woohooo.

We had a super awesome lesson with this mom and her 5 daughters on saturday night. one of the daughters had all these objections about the book of mormon and was just arguing with us and the elders were there too cause sometimes we go to lessons together. Anyways, the spirit was just not super there cause their was just fighting. anyways I just wanna testify of how the spirit changes peoples hearts and changes the environment and is just so awesome. When she finally calmed down, we were able to talk to her and the spirit just entered and she started crying and OH MAN just such an awesome lesssson that it turned out to be! This is my favorite part of missionary work is just seeing how the spirit works and seeing peoples changes of hearts. SO AWESOME.

Oh and a year from yesterday I will be home isn't that crazy. Don't like to think about it but just thought y'all should know. SOrry this letter wasn't super exciting but just know that I am doing great! I love you all so so much! Have a fantastic week and remember the nails!

Love, Hermana Farrow

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